Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Guess what I bought today at work...thats right, my most favouritist everist cadbury crispy easter egg, thats right they have arrived on the shelves!!! mmmmmmm I'm in heaven!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's a Wii Thing!!!

Hey everyone, welcome to 2010 and the start of a new decade - we have been calculating the facts -

Fact 1. At the end of this decade Zak will be 28, probably married and probably have kids

Fact 2. At the end of this decade Narny will be 24, and probably have kids

Fact 3. At the end of this decade The Wahs will be 20, definintely have kids, about three tattoos and leather pants

Fact 4. At the end of this decade Neeky will be 18, no kids, but loads of opinions about everything from opera singing to the rainforests in Peru

And me, I will still be loving my Wii a great christmas present to all of us this fact in 10 years it will probably be my exact body image (blobby bits and all) fighting it out with the guy with glasses and red shorts! And I will have infra red beams that shoot out of my hands instead of controllers (for those of you familiar with my eh clumsy side I HAVE NOT yet hit the TV with the remotes whilst playing the games).

BTW Grandma has gone home and life is betting back to normal.