Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Had A Oopsy!!!

Note - Viv, don't read this!
Last night we had a stray cat trying to get in the cat door - "ha, you ugly looking animal" I thought to myself, "I'll fix you", so I dragged a large plastic container close to the cat door so it couldn't come in, but my cats could go out if needed (just not come back in) then I went to bed...and had a lovely sleep. Got up for work this morning (ugh) and...heres the oopsy...I forgot last night that before noticing said ugly cat I had put Paylee and Brandy out to toilet before bed (the poodles) they had spent the whole night outside and never complained...or maybe they did - with my earplugs in, I don't hear a thing - oopsy!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm A Fairy Princess!!!

Me again, this time following a sketch from I Heart Copics, I have used a Karens Doodles image coloured with my copics, DP is Papermania Amethyst Infusion, flower is Prima and ribbon from my stash.
Had a giggle (to myself) at my title - on a hens night in January we gave the bride to be a crown and she had to approach random strangers and announce that she was a fairy princess, odd looks from some (and hysterical laughter complete with a snort from me).


Still thinking about Easter, so created this card for the Sassy Cheryl's Challenge - Easter using Easter Bunny Snowman (I think thats right), and used the sketch from I C Sketches. DP is BG Indian Summer, image coloured with my copics, all eggs created by me. I had great plans in mind when I started this card...yup, plans change, it got thumbs up from the littlies though.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Surprise!!!

Over at Karen's Doodles Challenge Blog (Scandinavia) the challenge this week is easter, so I created this very flowery card which also meant I could join the Crafty Calendar Challenge - flowers), image is Easter Bunny Hop coloured with copics, DP is Basic Grey Colour Me Silly (with spots which meant I could also enter the Creative Card Crew Challenge) and flowers were primas I coloured with my copics. My Bunny mean I could also enter the Pile it On Challenge - furry animals. Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it all!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Over Exercising...It's Complicated!!!

Just got home from watching "It's Complicated" at the movies, absolutely LMAO movie...I will never be able to look my laptop in the eye again!

Tracy and I have started an exercise junket, and I have to say it's all a bit backward...

Wednesday it was raining so we walked laps at the park and got soaked, we took the kids and they had a blast racing around in the rain.

Thursday was a beautiful sunny day so Tracy decided we should go swimming in an indoors pool???
We arrived at the pool (must add here that neither of us can actually swim), in our highly fashionable swimsuits (not). We jumped in, Tracy fitted her goggles, looked at me and I pissed myself with laughter (almost drowning in the process) as she had somehow managed to put her goggles on upside down. Once I stopped laughing and could tell her, Tracy corrected the problem and started breath stroke (the one stroke she does well), I started walking (the one stroke I do well). We flutterboarded, walked, kicked on our backs and once more Tracy struggled with her goggles so I leant her mine, she looked at me and yet again I almost drowned (this time for real as I was halfway down the pool doing my odd stroke thingy heading towards the deep end) as she had my goggles on upside down!!! So we laughed, splashed, breath stroked and odd stroked for an hour and went home exhausted.

PS was so sore this morning, I made the kids walk to school as I couldn't drag my achey body out of bed - I knew exercise was bad for you.

Mmmmm Chocolate!!!

This is Grandma's Easter card, I followed the Doodle Palace Challenge - a sketch by my little buddy Tracy. Image is Doodle Palace "Where the Easter Bunny Lives"(and wouldn't I love to know that) copic coloured - wouldn't use anything else, paper is BG Wisteria, flowers are my creation. I am loving this card - even though the colours aren't my kind of colours.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Karens Doodles Sketch!!!

Over at the Karen's Doodles Scandinavian Challenge Blog, they have a sketch challenge for their second Challenge. I decided to make this my first challenge after my creating break of 5 months. I used this little freebie Biggles from Karens Doodles (of course), coloured him with my copics - hello babies Mummy's back, used some Cosmo Cricket Chemistry patterned paper, created the flowers myself, added a bit of bling and voila. I loved this challenge and it feels good to be creating again.

My Sister's Keeper

Yesterday, Tracy and I finally got time to sit down and watch My Sister's Keeper (which we thoroughly enjoyed), and I am proud to say that even though we had the tissues on hand (and an xtra large popcorn I picked up from the movies on my way to her place), we didn't need them (actually I did need the popcorn). We decided it was the environment in which we watched the movie which made the difference. Her lounge, with sun streaming in (making us feel guilty...almost, that we were inside) Cameron and her Nintendo squeaking away in one corner and Bailee very slowly removing her lolly wrappers, a fly that wouldn't leave us along and a break halfway through, meant we watched, but didn't seem to "get right into it". We decided its about atmosphere - dark movie theatre, no interruptions, totally focused on the screen does make a difference to how you interpret and feel a movie. Tracy could not believe how different the movie was to the book - which I haven't yet read.
Anyway, I brought the DVD home, and Narny decided to watch it (on her own, because I didn't really want to see it again so soon) she sat in the lounge, in the dark and came out blubbering like a baby totally incoherent and unable to tell me what made her so sad "it was, blub blub, oh just blub blub, that bit - wipe eyes, oh just the saddest movie ever - nose running, so sad blub blub so sad" finally me saying (once I stopped laughing at her blubbering) "go to bed you're blubbering all over the place."
So, I've decided in a few months I will watch it again (because even checking on Narny I saw bits I had missed), and I am going to the library tomorrow where I will become number 14 on the wait list for the book.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3 Lives Down!!!

Who would've thought this little cutie could get into so much trouble! We were watching American Idol Friday night (thats how we roll) when this odd scratching/not scratching thumping/not thumping noise started, I listened for a while and then wondered if it was Brandy having one of her fits (Yup, thats a whole other story), so decided to investigate. OMG, got to the bathroom door and there was Sookie fighting to keep her head above water in the bath The Wahs had run (not even very deep but deep enough for my Foldy baby)without telling us, but then abandoned. Because her legs are short and stumpy, as well she is chubby with a thick coat and completely sloth like, she would never have made it out on her own (and thats all I want to think about that). So I pulled her out - her heart was flying, she was soaked except the top of her head, and it took a good 10 minutes for her breathing to slow to normal, I dried her off and tried not to think how close she came to drowning. We have explained to the littlies that shes like a real baby (shes my baby) and so thats life number 3 (the other two were her disappearing act, and arrival by plane with crate cracked by heavy object)
Anyway, these pics are Sookie in her lounge chair...note the plush looking coat - a nice bath will do that for ya!!!

Neeky's Natter - Karen's Doodles

Neeky was so excited when I told her, Karen's Doodles was going to have a Challenge Blog just for her (and all the other crafty kids around, of course). Neeky coloured her freebie image with copics, and used MM Abby patterned paper, all the other bits are randoms she scored from my stashes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just Call Me...Martha Stewart!!!

I have become so domesticated lately that I am starting to scare myself...and the family. I have been baking the last few weeks, and when I sent food down to Zak at Uni, he phoned to let me know there was a student wanting to adopt me (for my baking skills).

Today, I have created caramel cookies (from my BF's recipe which is in such high demand that her wedding vowels included the vowel to her almost husband that she would always keep a supply of caramel cookies coming just for him) and for the first time I wasn't impatient (I hate waiting for things "TO COOL" and so my cookies always overspread - is that even a word???), my cookies are perfect - if I do say so myself.

I then whipped up a chocolate cake - from the recipe book DH bought me for my birthday that I refused to use for months because HE BOUGHT ME A RECIPE BOOK FOR MY BIRTHDAY (of course, I eventually had to swallow my pride and tell him it was a very good book, and "thank you dear").

I have also downloaded some digi images and am about to help Neeky create her first card for the Karens Doodles Kids Challenge Blog (I am chief cutter outter).

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sookie AWOL...Again!!!

Last night at 2200 hours I decided to head to bed, went to look for my baby (Sookie my cute and chubby Scottish Fold) and could I find her...NO, I searched all through the house (2x), finally at 2230 I awoke Narny to help me look outside (because I am a bit of a Sooky myself at night). We searched all around the back yard and out the front (in case by some miracle she heaved her chubby little body up and over the gate) with our flashlights and shining the laser light in all directions(you may be thinking that the neighbours must've thought we were mad...but we've been here 20 years and they KNOW we are mad).

Finally at 2255 we gave up, came inside and I told Narny to go to bed. As I sat on my bed moaning about where was my darling and how could I sleep without her, guess who appeared in the littlies doorway and plonked her furry butt on the floor - yup, she must've been hidden so far under the bed that I couldn't see her when searching.

So now Narny says I have officially earnt the title of "the crazy cat lady".

BTW my baby and I had a lovely sleep...until she started chewing my toes.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Exercise IS Bad for Your Health!!!

Narny and I are on this keep fit gig (my version), so today we headed to the park to walk a few laps and bought fish and chips for tea on the way home (told you it was my version).

Anyway, we arrived home to Da Da Da Dum (that's a really scary drum roll sound) the gate open and my baby (Sookie the Scottish Fold) GONE!!!

We spent an hour searching then had luke warm fish and chips (mmmm my favourite - please note hint of sarcasm) whilst Grandma recited stories of people who stole cats like my lovely Sookie and even worst people who stole cats like my lovely Sookie and did mean things - yup thats right luke warm fish and chips and horror stories is the fastest way to ruin my appetite!!!

So Narny and I went out for a final hunt and guess whose fat and fluffy butt I spotted racing towards a hole under the house. Sookie heard me but couldn't see me and must've thought I was one of those bad people Grandma was telling us about. I called her and that chubby little kitten did a 360 (as fast as a chubby Scottish Fold can) and raced back so quickly I thought she would bowl me over.

So we are all a happy family again...with a house that now looks like Fort Knox.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tidbit 4 - Hectic with a Capital H!!!

Phew, last weekend it was all go (20th February) remember, I was to be bridesmaid for my best friend (because matron of honour sounded too old), well, all that took place last weekend, but it also coincided with Zak departing for Wellington and the start of Uni life, so this is how it went:
The bride and groom live in Wellington but got married in New Plymouth - Thursday they drove to New Plymouth to prepare for the wedding whilst DH and Zak drove to Wellington to settle in for Uni. Saturday they prepared to be married whilst DH flew to New Plymouth for the wedding, Sunday DH and I flew to Wellington to catch up with Zak and Monday drove back to Hawera!!!

The wedding was not without it's hiccups - none of them MY doing amazingly
1. Went to pick up suits but the jacket and pants were in different shades of black!!!
2. Went to pick up tablecloths but they had tables and chairs ready for us instead???
3. Rang to get the key for hall to be told another wedding was taking place and we couldn't set up until day of BF's wedding!!!
4. Due to strong winds, Sandstorm on beach so had to move venue to park, we circled the venue whilst guests were moved!
5. Sound system arrived, microphones had flat batteries!!!

The wedding itself was perfect (surprisingly...although nothing else could've gone wrong). Didn't think about it till after but didn't take a single photo!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tidbit 3 - Moving Out!!!

Guess What, in preparation for heading to Wellington and University, Zak decided to move out of his room and let Narny have it as her current room is the smallest in the house.

So for two days Zak and I cleared the room, painted it lime green and purple and moved Narny's stuff in.

"what do we do with Narny's room" we pondered, so I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice for the family and claim the smallest room in the house for my craft room (it was a hard decision, but I am determined to carry the burden on my shoulders), we spent another day moving all my stuff out of the second lounge (Zak will use this as his room when he returns home for holidays) and now voila I have a room of my own with no Cartoon network blaring in the background as I create.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tidbit 2 - Meet My Baby

Thats right, meet my new baby. This is Sookie (too much True Blood methinks), she is a Blue Scottish Fold and is 4 months old. I snapped the photo this morning as I couldn't put my hands on an earlier shot.
As with anything I do, Sookie's arrival was not standard. She flew to New Plymouth and I picked her up from the airport only to notice upon arrival home (and when she disappeared under the bed never to be seen again) that something had been dropped on her cage during the flight (hard enough to crack it) and that had given her major willies.
For the first week we could not go near her, make noises, move, even talking unsettled her (yup, I struggled with that one). We had to board up the base of our bed to stop her hiding all day and finally started giving her Rescue Remedy to calm her nerves (by that time I almost needed to start dosing myself as well). All that was six weeks ago and now she has really settled in, and is loved by everyone, she sleeps in our room (won't even get started on how I convinced hubby to let her do that), I bought her a lovely pink wrought iron bed, but she prefers to sleep on the floor beside me (heh, who wouldn't) or between hubby and I.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tidbit 1 - Words of Wisdom

When you are the last to head towards your holiday spot and you get a text asking to bring some pegs with you, DO NOT be offended when on arrival at camp everyone looks at you oddly as you gallantly hand over two packs of pegs to hang out the clothes......whilst in the background the tent guide ropes blow freely in the breeze.

That's right there is more than one type of peg required on a camping holiday and I still say that the text should have been more specific!!!

NB We were never short of pegs for our clothes!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's March Already!!!

Wow, where has the time gone, finally I have my new computer fixed (yup trust me to get the only dud in the shop) opened my gift christmas day and finally got to use it last week after the whole screen was replaced (duh, Denise, of course it was the whole screen...its not possible to replace half a screen)!!!

So over the next few days I have decided to share with you some catch up tidbits.

And hopefully at some point I will start creating again - although I am enjoying this creative break that I am having.