Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Back...For a Brief While!!!

I still have no laptop...the screen they stuck in it made it do funny things; so they had to order another screen and hopefully (fingers, toes and legs crossed) it will be back next week.
However, my good friend Viv who is on the Doodle Palace Design Team is the Designer for this week and so I had to enter and jumped on the old slow putt putt machine to share this entry that I whipped up, with you all. I followed Viv's sketch and used a Doodle Palace image.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

How am I (sniff) Coping Just!!!

It's been 6 days and my sweet little laptop is getting a new screen fitted as we speak...or type as the case may be.

I am off to Taupo and Hamilton tomorrow to drown my sorrows in a little retail therapy with Narny, there are scrapbook shops with my name written all over them, we will be meeting my Cousin and her daughter and we will be hitting the town.

On Saturday there is the NZ Craft Show in Hamilton (oh hold me back with a stick), come out of hibernation my faithful ole credit card!!!

In a moment of madness I bought a cat scratching post on the net and have to pick that up...just thinking last night as reality hit (yes, I do have the odd moments of lucidity) that I actually have to fit the darn thing into my van and it doesn't break up!!! Oh well, another puzzling moment in my life...but it will fit darn it!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

and counting...

41 minutes and 19 seconds

My Life Is Over!!!

You will not believe what I have done (actually, if you know me well, you will), I went to pick up my beloved laptop and somehow knocked my knuckle against the screen and cracked it...sounds too odd to be true...remember whose blog this is!

Anyway its been 27 minutes and 35 seconds...36 seconds...37 seconds...since this happened and I have already managed to call the Insurance Company to sort out a claim and get on the phone to my computer repair guy, but he won't look at it until MONDAY and that is two days and 15 hours and 19 minutes and 41 seconds away.

I am here on the ole faithfull pre historic hear me type because I have to hit the keys so hard, looking at a screen the size of a small coke fridge (alot of things in my life are measured by coke), with a mouse so slow it's probably half dead...its been 29 minutes and 18 seconds...

So, I will begin to do battle, for this machine now has to be shared by six of us (thank goodness Grandma doesn't know how to surf the net). I may have to pull the ole Mum comes first because I paid for it number a few times (that only works whilst DH isn't here of course).

Will keep you all updated on my poor laptops condition and whether it is terminal or you know how many downloaded stamp images are stuck in my laptops little mind - way too many for me to count!!!

30 minutes and 43 seconds...