Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Tilda!!!

I think this card needs a bit more...need to stick something at the bottom right, but, oh well, another day tomorrow. This is for the Just Magnolia Challenge. I used my new BG Lemonade papers, SU cardstock, random charm, flowers and button, SU Purely Pomegranate ribbon, and my copics (ahhh copics). Hope you enjoy and have a great night.

Here Kitty Kitty!!!

I love this card and even Grandma thinks is is good (phew, confidence restored, quality control passed). This is my take on the Sugar Bowl Challenge, I chose this Sugar Nellie with the cats and am pleased that the cats do look kind of like cats - I am not good with colouring animals. I used K & Co Peppermint Twist paper and distressed it and the ribbon (which is random) and the flower (also random) with Antique Linen, attached a cat charm and some brads to finish, and of course what it all coloured with...thats right my Copics.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Party Animal!!!

Phew, finally found the time to complete a Challenge. Grandma is staying for a few days and she tells me that whilst this card is ok...I have done better (thanks for the confidence boost Grandma). This is my take on the Whiff of Joy Challenge and I decided to use Draco the Dragon and create a boy card - however, according to Zak and his mate Mr H, my dragon is too girly and the wrong colours for a tough boy card (anyone else wanna suck the last of my self esteem and confidence from my poor being.
So I used BG Archaic which I grabbed from the Crafty Tart stall at Senz, coloured Draco and buttons with my Copics (who made the trip to Auckland with me so I wouldn't be lonely), used Crystal Effects on his wings (which is why you have that stunning glare) and nesties for a bit of pizazz (but not enough according to Grandma!!!).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cheeky Girl!!!

Meet Cheeky Girl.

Tracy and I took the girls out for lunch during the school holidays and I decided we would visit the pet shop on the way home( big mistake...should of known that with Tracy and I together things don't usually run sweetly). Firstly the woman gives the girls a cute little guinea pig to hold (but didn't tell us it had only arrived that morning and was a tad fruit loopy) it was scrambling out of Bailee's hands, up my front...then the woman wanted Neeky to hold it - we said "NO"!!!.

We wandered inside and this little kitten was all alone and loved it when the girls held her (she is really ugly, but so much fun). The Wahs let her the shop....on the main road...with the door in a pseudo voice (so the owner wouldn't hear) I called Trace over and told her to prepare to dive as I was in front of her (and if you remembr I have the physical prowess of a warthog and was always chosen last at school for sports teams) The Wahs couldn't get her and she came racing at me like a greyhound on a racetrack and somehow bam she ran straight into my hand and I caught her (oh miracle of all miracles)...and you brought her home," how wonderful" you are thinking....NO, we quickly shut her in the cage and left the store. On the drive home I asked Trace is she was ready to catch her, should I have missed and she replied "Yeah, but I wasn't gonna get down on my knees until I had to, the ground looked dirty"!!! Oh thank you, back up person!!!

Anyways, next morning the kids were still talking about the kitten, so back to the pet shop we headed and brought her home, she is a real character and when I introduced her to Paylee after a few hours of settling in she immediately hissed and put Paylee right in her place. Chloe Cat's nose was put out of joint in a major way and she spent 5 days living on the deck and in the shed but she has settled now (or got really hungry and realised she had to come in for food).

Now, I just need to find Cheeky Girl another place to sit as she loves the laptop and no matter how much I move her back she comes!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Rest Is Good!!

Hello everyone, did ya miss me LOL, sometimes life gets a tad crazier than usual and I decided that rather than pushing it to the max, I would have a blogging holiday, things are now more relaxed and I can get back to my cards and blogging, yay.

Headed to Auckland last weekend - took the van so we would have heaps of room for shopping...the kids packed my lolly supply (gotta chew and drive) which had the girls whooping with laughter (the kids packed about 1.5 kgs worth of lollies into a huge container - hey sometimes bigger is better) but no whooping was done when I pointed out half an hour from home on Sunday that we had eaten all but the dregs (you know yucky ones everyone moves around the lolly jar but no one wants) and we also worked out way thru Viv's normal sized container.

Tracy, Viv, Marise and my cousin Jules who has just starting cardmaking (and is not yet completely addicted) hit SENZ and then shopped our way through Silvia Park, Botany Downs (not me and Jules we were stuffed), nipped across to Point Chevalier (yeah, actually, when I look on the map it's not exactly a "nip") found Arthur's Emporium (oh, I loved that place) and visited it twice, and hit the Base on the way home (whilst I dropped Jules off to get her car) then visited the Cheesecake Shop (oohh I want one of those at my place) and headed home.

We took the scenic route a couple of times (yes, a polite way of saying got lost), and I have to say Hamiltonites "who knew" there were so many churches along Rifle Range Road, and "who knew" that if you arrived in the country after passing them all that you had gone too far.
Also Hamiltonites what is up with the removal of the sign that says "South" when coming out of Hamilton after visiting the Cheesecake Shop - someone needs to put it back because whilst it is nice to visit Cambridge on the way home to Hawera (and catch up with Jules who is heading to Taupo but stops to point us - in a polite way of course, in the right direction) I am a creature of habit and prefer the road I know (that we usually take when I am not driving).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Would You Share!!!

How could you not share with that little face watching. Yet again my favourite BG Marrakech papers teamed with Sugar Nellie, my SU cardstock and random buttons. Minimal accessories on this card, but it just shows you that sometimes less really is more. Racing around flat tack today so no time for chit chat, catch you later.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Neeky's Natter!!! Pretty in Purple

Heres another Neeky (age 7) card, very summery looking,which is a bit odd as its the middle of winter here and we are hitting 0 degrees on a regular basis. Neeky coloured this little Magnolia cutie using copics and the blender (which she loves), she has used heaps of random flowers and the DP and cardstock is all SU.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This is my entry for the Friday Sketchers. I have used SU DP and cardstock, This Miss Anya is from the latest collection (thanks Trace), I coloured the image, flowers and brads with my copics, used a few dew drops and applied crystal effects to the sunglasses.

Party, Party!!!

I knew it was too good to be true (my being on time more than once), missed the deadline but here tis anyway. This "Party" card is for the Whiff of Joy Challenge, I had to use three DP, 3 flowers and one ribbon. Because I created a boy card I had to adapt a little - I used my BG cupcake DP, SU cardstock, thin black ribbon and instead of 3 flowers I have used 3 balloons. Winter Edwin is sitting pretty and I used Crystal Effects over the balloons, Edwin and the balloons have been raised. Thanks for visiting me today.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Narny's Nook - One of a Kind!!!

This is a creation from Narny (13) for the Paperplay Challenge - the challenge was to use homemade flowers. It's the first time she has entered this challenge and enjoyed creating her card. Narny used SU cardstock and DP, chose this Sugar Nellie image, and created her flowers by cutting two circles then shaping and attaching with a brad, everything is coloured with copics and the text is a random stamp she found.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Wow, bright and summery card happening today. This is for two challenges - Papertake Weekly is the sketch and Copic Colour Challenge was to use E47, YG23, YR68, I used YR18, YG13 and E37 as I didn't have the other colours. Image is from High Hopes and comes to me courtesy of Viv, DP is Cosmo Cricket "Snorkel", Cardstock is my SU and coloured with copics. I loved putting this together and have left the circle blank and ready for text once I know what I will use this card for.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Um Um Umbrella!!!

Had an umbrella walk past my windows this least that's what it looked like - this huge golfing umbrella and an umbrella stalk, according to my guests who at first wondered WTF.

But if you looked way down you could see Grandma (she's a wee thing at 4ft 9"), so she comes up onto the deck with her new monstrosity (of which she is so proud) plonks it down and comes in for a natter.

Now you may be wondering why Grandma is coming to my place with her umbrella. She only lives two doors away and she usually wanders down to see whats happening with us at least once a day (I never realised we were that exciting) she has a yak, checks we are all alive and kicking and wanders home again...most times managing to leave some article of clothing behind - DH always wonders how one can walk down the street in gumboots and wander home again in bare feet and not spot the difference. The kids are always finding vests, socks and hats and returning them to Grandma (they think its great because it means they can visit her).

So today, she heads out the door to return home, and next thing I look up to see her doubled over laughing (from previous posts like "A Story Not About Me" you may recall that any event that is serious or causes misfortune in our family means we laugh uncontrollably) why, you may ask - well, she went to pick her monstrosity of an umbrella up to take home (yes, she remembered it) and it was wedged in the deck and she couldn't get it out, on its side it was almost as tall as her, and between the hysterics she couldn't budge it, I excused myself from my guests with a "back in a minute, Grandma has her umbrella stuck in the deck" (you know your friends are longtime friends when you make a statement like that and they just say "ok" and keep on talking to the kids) went outside, wedged it free and off Grandma went...just glad that there was no wind because with the size of that thing she would've taken flight!!!.

Sittin' Around!!!

How has your day going?

It's freezing here and I have the fire burning as hot as I can because I hate to be cold.

Poor old Tilda's just sitting around waiting for birthdays to come. DP is BG Gypsy, cardstock as usual is my SU, Tilda with her striped tights is coloured with Copics and I stickled her jersey to make it look baubly (is that really a word), I used my SU punches, and a row of brads completed this already busy looking card.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Neeky's Natter!!! The Biggest Card Ever!

This is the first time Neeky (7) has made a square card and she was so excited that she was making such a big card. Neeky used the WOJ Dragon again and coloured it with copics (she did a different bit in the centre of the wings because she said that was the underside of the wings and the underside is always different). Neeky stuck cotton through her buttons (she did one and I helped do two). All Neeky's DP and cardstock is SU, I helped punch the circles using the Martha Stewart punch.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Narny's Nook! Being Green!!!

This is Narny's (age 13) card for the Friday Sketchers. She has used this cute image coloured with copics and mounted on random DP and Cardstock, Narny then coloured her flowers to match and added some ribbon, she really enjoyed creating this card and wants to do more challenges (look out she has the bug), but at present has had to retire for her beauty sleep and school tomorrow.

Flower Child!!!

Here's my card for the Just Magnolia Challenge, Tilda is brightly coloured with my copics and cut out and placed on a bench (also coloured with copics), DP is BG Lime Rickey and cardstock is SU, I also coloured the flowers (with copics again) to match Tilda. I experimented with some Flower Soft which adds some texture - next time I think the leaves will have to be darker for more impact, I also used the Flower soft in the corners.