Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dress Up's!!!

Still having computer issues, so apologies for this far far away shot, I am so p****d as I am quite proud of my colouring on this Sugar Nellie. This is for the Sugar Bowl Challenge, I have used SU Kraft for the card base and on the corner as an embellishment, BG Bittersweet DP (have I mentioned lately how much I love my BG), created my flowers to match everything by colouring with copics (have I mentioned lately how much I love my copics), and Tracy gave me some lovely lacy ribbon to finish everything off.
Another first for text...I keep wanting to stick something on but also like how things are so don't want to stick anything on (yup, this is where my multiple personalities start to show). I loved putting this together and hope you enjoy.

Update - here I am at 4.15am, sitting by the stoked up fire, wondering if I ever will get to sleep and yes, having success with my tempermental puta , so my photos are now all pretty and cropped, and I am satisified (I am virgo, perfectionist, and get annoyed when things aren't perfect when I want them to be).

Bit Of Bling!!!

My computer is having issues yet again, so please excuse this photo that is uncropped and has no close up (I could've put one in but its sideways and my computer will not co operate to straighten it). Anyway, this card I have created for two challenges - the WOJ Challenge and my first ever entry into the Copic Colour Challenge (using BV00, G00 and RV00) . I have used a WOJ image from the latest collection, BG Euphoria DP, SU cardstock, made the flowers myself (with help from my nesties), added a charm for some pizazz, and all coloured with my copics.

UPDATE: It's a miracle - here I am at 4am (in one of my can't sleep phases) and my little ole puta and I have come to a mutual agreement - it will work on some things instead of no things, so heres my pictures nicly recropped and including a close up, yay me (yup, still way too much Disney Channel).

Neeky's Natter!!! The Blue Dragon

Neeky (7) has used the Dragon from Whiff of Joy and coloured it with copics - she is still working on her blending to get rid of takes time. Neeky has used nesties (which I had to help her with), buttons and flowers to decorate her card, and she is very proud of her dragons pink eyes! All paper and cardstock is SU.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Had Enough Yet!!!

I think I'm in love! I can't seem to get enough of Mathieu and this BG Marrakech, just had to use them again.
Cardstock SU, DP you know it, coloured with my copics (where would I be without them...richer), used my nesties, some BG Marrakech brads (yes, I had to buy some so everything matches.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

You've Got Mail!!!

This is my first ever entry into the Stampin for the Weekend Challenge, I chose the song "Please Mr Postman" and used this cute image Trace gave me, kept my card simple with BG Euphoria DP, SU cardstock, coloured my flowers with copics to match, and used some pink gems to finish the simple embellishments. I really enjoyed creating this card.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer = Ice Creams!!!

This is my card for the Just Magnolia Challenge, the Challenge was's hard to even remember what summers like as it is so cold here at the moment. Summer to me is alot of ice creams...and alot of potato chips...and alot of chilled wines but I didn't have any paper with potato chips or wine bottles so I went with the ice cream. I paper pieced Tilda and used BG Cupcake paper, SU cardstock, the text is computer generated, used my copics to colour the skin and hair, buttons, flowers and another Martha Stewart punch helped complete this card.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The "Duh" Factor is Hereditary!!!

I had always wondered if any of the kids had inherited my "duh factor" (you know, all those little dumb things you say or do without realising that has everyone else going Duh!!!).

We have had ants running through our bedroom and Narny's bedroom (coming in from the cold, I think), these nasty little critters have been traipsing around the room and back again, so we set bait traps in both rooms and after a few days DH blasted the holes they were coming in with antspray and they all disappeared.

Until last night, when Narny announced that a few were back in her room. I told her to go and spray them and that should get rid of them seeing as there weren't she went...

...she came back and smelt really nice, I said "did you spray yourself while you were there? were you smelly?"

Her reply, no, I used one of my perfumes I hate and sprayed the ants like you said...

...She sprayed them WITH PERFUME not ANT SRAY!!!

They will be the best smelling ants around LOL.

So it's official - Narny has inherited the duh factor!


Heres my take on the "A Spoonful of Sugar" when I look at it I wonder what cars have got to do with cowboys, but after having to go to Viv, to get her to punch my eyelets I am not changing it! Paper is BG Lime Rickey, and I am too tired to list everything else.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Neeky's Natter

Here is another card from that talented daughter of mine Neeky (7). Neeky used copics to colour her Dahlia image and gave her beautiful blushy cheeks, mounted on SU DP and cardstock, Neeky used a punch on each bottom corner but its hard to see in the photo, brads at the bottom complete her card. Neeky's card has no text because she doesn't know who she will be giving it to.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I think I have managed to complete this Just Magnolia Challenge in time. As soon as I saw it was paper piecing I wanted to have a go. Edwin is all paper pieced in SU Urban Garden, Only Orange and the patch is Kiwi Kiss, DP is SU Old Olive and buttons are random, Edwin is coloured with my copics (his face and arms that is). I was originally going for something more "complicated" but it wasn't working so I went back to my simpler style and am now quite enjoying this card.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Glad!!!

I am so on track I am amazing myself. This is my card for the WOJ Challenge. I have been cruising bloggerland for tips and hints working with copics, and my gosh, I am good, actually I don't mean Goood, I mean goodly improved. For the first time I have to say I am completely happy with my shading. Anyways enough about me! I love this WOJ from the latest range. I also used K & Co "Que Sera Sera" DP, my SU cardstock, SU ribbon, Prima flowers, and my latest purchase the Martha Stewart punch (I love it...and need more...but wait...I bought more Maw maw maw) oh, and of course my babies (copics). Have a great night.

Brighter is Better!!!

Grab those sunglasses everyone, this card is so cool, bright, brighter, brightest LOL. I coloured this Gorjuss Girl with my copics and gave her some sparkly buttons, am pleased with how the fox turned out because me, copics and animals don't go very well together yet. DP is K & Co Amy Butler, cardstock is SU (my favourite), flower is Prima and brads and ribbons are randoms.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sweet Pea!!!

Wow, I am rockin, yet another challenge I have manged to complete on time - Stamp with Stampavie. I love this little Sweet Pea image (thats what I call it) and this challenge was great, kept my colours bright (as usual) and girly for a friend who had a baby girl last week. Cardstock SU, DP is My Minds Eye "Maggie May", flower, buttons and ribbon my stash, all coloured with my copics - have added to my collection and enjoying them even more (who thought that would be possible).

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Ship Lollipop!!!

I have been asked to create some cards for our Social Club at work, so decided I had better do some boy ones, am pleased with how this turned out. It is an odd thing for me to be giving these cards for others to look at and decide if they like them so I am quite cautious/picky about what I give. DP is this absolutey gorgeous BG Marrakech and I am loving it (be prepared for many Marrakech cards coming your way), cardstock my SU, brads BG and buttons random, I finally bought a roll of twine so I don't need to attack the carpet to get a piece to thread thru my buttons anymore (DH is pleased about THAT spend), Mathieu is coloured with Copics, and I distressed the edges around him. Phew, thats it everyone have a nice night.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Loadsa Letterboxes!!!

Phew, Trace, Bailey, Narny, The Wahs, Neeky and I have just spent 3 1/2 hours driving around town and the countryside delivering mailers for our next Addicted to Paper Class. We split up and went up and down streets - Narny was completely befuddled when she came across a microwave mounted as a letterbox, she had to be told to push the door button to open it so she could shove the mailer in. I was amazed at the amount of large old oil containers that were mounted as letterboxes and Trace was greatly amused by the cow letterbox she spotted.

We then had the brilliant idea of hitting a few of the smaller towns. I became quite adept at getting in close so Trace could lean (at times ungracefully) out the window and drop the mailer in. I only whacked the side mirror on a mail box once and the only other mishap was when the van seemed to be stuck and Narny said "you are on a pipe Mum, didn't Tracey tell you"? No, No Trace didn't tell me but she laughed herself silly as I tried to get off the pipe.

The girls got a bit bored, so we stopped by a paddock of cows and they opened the sunroof and stuck their heads out (the girls not the cows), all the cows came rushing over as close to the fence as they could get to watch us and they loved that and were then happy to settle back in the van for a bit longer.

Finally we traveled home all letterbox dropped out to a tea of chicken, buns and chips, mmm...oh, and a king size stick of dairy milk chocolate for dessert!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mellow Yellow!!!

From the new WOJ cllection comes this little cutie...this was another of my cards created for a challenge that I failed to get uploaded in time (story of my life...never on time). She's coloured with copics an mounted on SU cardstock, DP is BG Sugared, brads, ribbon and flowers are randoms. Yellow is not a colour I tend to use alot but this card is growing on me slowly.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Little Something!!!

This is a simple card created for Friday Sketchers and I think I am on a roll with this deadline thing. I love this fairy from Greeting Farm, she is coloured with copics and has spica sparkle on her wings, SU cardstock and random ribbons and flowers.

Read My Forehead!!!

OMG, today was one of those days. Got up this morning (as you do) ready for work at some crazy hour (this body does not do mornings), then made the stupid stupid mistake of looking at the mice before heading to work...then made the stupider stupider mistake of announcing they didn't look to well and I thought one was dead!!! Thats right, 10 minutes before I had to leave for work and the wail went up from Neeky (she is a wailer, you know one of those kids who if upset, hard done by, growled at, punched...ok fair enough on that one) anyway she wails, so I am trying to soothe her and get my butt into gear so I make work in time. So out came the teensy weensy Mummy lie that I sometimes have to do "Neeky, maybe I didn't look right, she probably will get up shortly and move to the food dish and start eating and I am sure the others were just climbing all over her because they were cold, tonight they will probably be running all over the place" (thank goodness I am not related to Pinnocchio), she bought the lot, and I got to leave for work on time. Where unfortunately my day did not improve.

You know sometimes, I wonder if I have written on my forehead something that reads like " please come on over and see me and tell me all about your lifes problems and gripes I have nothing better to do with my day" (of course, that wouldn't all fit on my forehead, it being petite and all - refer post Petite Yea Thats Me from Tuesday 12 May)but that is how I feel, I do love my job and helping everyone but when they come in waves it does get hard to remember how much I love my job. So I am pleased to be finally at home, showered (wanted to wash that writing off my forehead) and trying to bribe some lolly cake off my "Naked Chef's".

BTW - Stuck my head in the mouse cage (well, not really, its petite, but not THAT petite) and those darn mice are all racing around their cage as fast as their furry legs will carry them...told you I was telling the truth!!!

My Naked Chef's!!!

Ha, I knew that title would get your attention. The cooks (Zak and Narny) are back in the kitchen and tonight have created with love some Lolly Cake - for you non Kiwi's that is a biscuit like malt crumbled and then mixed with condensed milk, butter and some soft lollies and they also threw in marshmellows as a bonus then its all rolled in coconut mmmmmmm. I am starting to enjoy this cooking lark, the only problem is they don't do requests...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Narnys Nook - Just Magnolia Challenge!!!

There is going to be some pushing and shoving happening at our house shortly...Narny (age 13)has decided challenges are pretty cool and is starting to pinch all the ones I have lined up to do myself. Here is her take on the Just Magnolia Challenge - I think she has done a awesome job. She coloured her Magnolia with Copics (do other markers exist...), SU cardstock and random flowers, buttons and ribbons complete the card. This was a really neat challenge from Just Magnolia and I wish I could've done it, but you guys all know what a sharing caring kind of Mum I am (yea right) LOL.

One Too Many Cooks!!!

I am becoming a bit scared, Zak and Narny seem to have developed some sort of strange passion for cooking. Yesterday I arrived home and they had made slugs (biscuity things), then they prepared Spagetti Bolongaise for tea.

Today they arrived home and got the cook books out to make Marshmellow Balls, they prepared all their ingredients and got into the business of crushing the biscuits...I just happened to glance over and said "you did get the marshmellows didn't you?", "marshmellows...marshmellows where does it say we need marshmellows?", "well" I replied "you are making marshmellow balls aren't you? you do need to wrap you biscuit mix around a marshmellow don't you?". After a quick consultation I bet you can guess what the next question was - "Mum, can you go to the supermarket". I had better get going, I think it is almost time for my taste test!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Narny's Nook

Hi, Narny here, this is my card. I thought I'd try Mum-z's style, and create the card first then do the picture. So I guess it worked.

At the moment I am not 100% sure what the image is called, but I really like her though, and I am quite surprised of how she has turned out.

The cardstock is (Last Year's In Colour)Groovey Guava
and Bashful Blue, the DP is Fall Flowers, Prima Flowers, Groovey Guava ribbon(LYIC), image is coloured with Copics and the text says 'With Love'.

Because I Care!!!

Spent some time today workng on my entry for the Spoonful of Sugar Challenge and yet again I am on time (see miracles do happen). Coloured Little Miss Attitude with my copics, used BG Euphoria paper and buttons, SU cardstock and some bling to finish it off. I have to say I am quite partial to this Gorjuss Girl and think I will be creating with her alot more.

Goodbye Dew Dews!!! (caution graphic description)

It's a bit of a sad day for us here at Scrapaddict's Scribbles home, our beloved moggy Dewey (13 1/2) has been getting thinner and thinner and we have been feeding her all hours of the day (DH has regularly been awoken by a scratching at the door) and night. Finally today, after putting it off for the past few weeks, I loaded Dewey into the van and we headed to the vets. They diagnosed a large tumour in her kidney and a node (is that right) on her thyriod which was causing hyper thyroidism, conditions that would both only get worse and already I knew her quality of life had been slipping, so she was gently put to sleep and bought home for the kids and other pets to see her and pet her.

Zak dug the grave in our graveyard and Neeky decided she wanted to hold Dewey one last time before she was put into the usual with our household it seems we do find the funniest things in the most awful - Dewey went to sleep at 1.30pm and her funeral service was at 4.30pm (I guess you can work it out). Neeky lifted Dewey from her bed and drew her close the way she always did (with Deweys limbs dangling and her back to Neeky's tummy), however the sight to behold made us all burst into laughter - Deweys legs were all sticking in haphazard fashion straight out in front of her and her head was positioned in no mans land with her eyes open (because I forgot to shut them), Neeky did not care and just cuddled that cat with her zombie legs for all she was worth, then she placed her into the ground and we all said our special thank yous to Dewey.

You may think Neekys cuddle is a horrible thing to share, but do you know what I love about it? (and why I wanted to share it), Neeky did not care how that cat looked, she didn't care how stiff she felt, she just wanted one last hold of her pet before she could touch her no more, and I think even Dewey with all her sticky out limbs would've loved her for that.

So goodbye my Dew Dews, I will missed your talking and the midnight scratches.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just Gorjuss!!!

Ok, I think I am on time for my first challenge, I liked the look of this weeks sketch from the Sugar Nellie Challenge and was determined to be organised and get it done in time. After some tutoring from Viv hopefully I can get this linked! I am so pleased with this card, I love everything about it (blah blah blah), Dp is from 3 Bugs in a Rug, cardstock is SU, image Gorjuss Girl coloured with Copics and the first time I have attempted black hair (not too bad if I say so myself), ribbons and flowers and random. Ok, enough blowing my own trumpet onward to this linking business.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late!!!

This is one of the first challenges I decided I would participate in...however, things did not go according to plan and I missed the deadline,why? you may ask. Two reasons, firstly, it took me ages to work out what I wanted to do for the challenge and secondly once I had done it, I had no idea how to link my challenge to the challenge blog, so it has just been sitting on my table and now I think the challenge has closed so I have missed it altogether. Anyway, another of my Magnolia stamps with some SU Bella Rose paper and a shaped card, sorry about that bent flower in the photo, was hurrying so did not notice till now (oops).

Don't Panic...I am Alive!!!

OMG, where have I been, I have been so busy that I haven't had time to update...what have I been doing you may ask...I have no idea but I seem to have had no time to myself in the past week. Finally I am back, just been to Tracy's creating up a storm until Viv and I were too tired to keep going (Trace is like a creativity machine ), as usual I got in trouble cause I cut my cardstock the wrong size (do measurements really have to be THAT precise), and I do everything backward and awkwardly - (says who). Anyway I finally managed to create two and a half awesome crafty things that I will share with you over the next few days - yes, a half because I was too tired to finish the other half.

Mr Physio, bounced all around me today and then informed me that I was as good as I was going to get, I am now like a second hand model with broken parts, in fact if I was on the shelves at work, I would be discounted and sold off cheap.

So whilst he bounced and begged me to bounce along with him (this body does not bounce) he explained that I just have to keep going with my exercises and try to get the hopping thing happening (this body does not hop), and that one day I will just have to go for it and try jogging up and down the driveway(this body does not jog) just to see what effect that has on my foot - as an aside, to those just joining me - back in February I broke my foot and have been visiting with Mr Physio since the cast came off to try and get things moving right.

So that is it, thats whats been happening in the past week...I will catch you all later.