Saturday, May 30, 2009

Neekyism About Confessions!!!

This afternoon I was having a rest at the breakfast bar (as one does after a hard session of class kit making with Tracy and Viv) and I noticed I had two slashes in my faux leather bar stool...urgh, so when the kids came home I asked who had been cutting up my chair. Neeky's hand shot up with the explanation her new boots had got caught on the chair and torn it. "Why did you not tell me that when it happened" I asked

Neeky's reply "you didn't ask me!!!"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are Four Eyes Really Better Than Two???

Got my new glasses (you remember, the ones with the kids frames because I am so petite), and I don't like them!!! I am not sure whether it is because of the size of the frames or because the lenses are stronger (and I can actually see clearly when driving) but they just feel uncomfortable, I keep swapping back to the older ones because they are so comfy, and then try the new ones again and I don't know whether that is a good idea or not...I will persevere with them for a few days and then see how I feel. I am now all over my bugs (I hope) and am planning on creating up a storm over the next few days.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planting Some Love!!!

Another card for Grandma, this time she's giving it to her neice. DP MM Gracen Cllection, cardstock SU, Sugar Nellie coloured with my copics, embellies are from the Cricut, coloured white flowers with Copics to match (thanks for the tip Viv).

Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Magnolia!!!

I love this card, colours are more me, "Tilda with Bunny" from the Easter '09 collection an coloured with my copics. DP BG Eva, still trying to master the blending with Copics technique, but pleased with this card.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank You!!!

I created this card for Grandma to give to her sister (she spent a few days there last week), love this Sugar Nellie "A Good Book" all Copic coloured, Dp is BG "Recess", and cardstock SU.

Again apologies for photo quality, not sure whats up with that camera.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Know You are Sick When!!!

I was trying to decide yesterday whether I should stay home from work...but seeing as I have just come back to work after 10 weeks, I decided a day off sick would not go down too well (ya think). So off I toddled and felt terrible all morning. I came home feeling extremely sorry for myself (no one else does) and sat down in front of the TV to rest. After the kids brought me the mail I decided I was really sick - how could I tell, you may wonder - it went like this:

You know you are well - when the mail arrives and the stamps from Whiff of Joy you had on pre order arrive, and you hug them and welcome them warmly into your home, show them to their container where they will live and have them mounted on EZ Mount before the postie makes it to the corner of your street.

You know you have the flu - when the mail arrives and the stamps from Whiff of Joy you had on pre order arrive, and you say "thats good" and throw them on the table.

You know you are well - when the mail arrives and the Sugar Nellie order that you couldn't resist doing, because you own no Sugar Nellie's yourself (and are always borrowing your friends Sugar Nellies) arrives, and you print out their name for a container, get them mounted and stamped as fast as you can and show everyone how beautiful they are (and don't care whether they want to see or hear about your new babies or not), explain about the new Country Cousins stamps and how you missed out on the full set because you procrastinated which is normally something you never do, and whenever you do do it bad things always happen like the Country Cousins selling out before you get your order in.

You know you have the flu - when the mail arrives and the Sugar Nellie order that you couldn't resist doing, because you own no Sugar Nellies yourself (and are always borrowing your friends Sugar Nellies) arrives, and you throw them on the table on top of the Whiff of Joy pre order stamps.

You know you are well - when you contact the place where you ordered your Copics from and they tell you that they have been delayed, you jump up and down and and need to lie down because the shock of no new Copics for another 2 weeks is too much.

You know you have the flu - when you contact the place where you ordered your Copics from and they tell you they have been delayed, you say thanks and hang up.

So I figure I am really sick and may struggle to make it through to tomorrow!!!

Dreamy Tilda!!!

I am not sure what happened to these photos but they are a bit "faded" looking, card is alot brighter in real life. DP is from K & Co "Margo", cardstock is SU, image coloured with Copics. I loved that rose and wanted to keep everything else simple.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Orangy Miss Anya!!!

This little orange number features from Greeting Farm "Miss Anya" coloured with Copics (what else) with a lovely shade of Cpica Green eyeshadow, Miss Anya is nestled on a base of BG Ambrosia DP, with SU cardstock (what else), embellies from Cricut, flowers and brads I have no idea LOL.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Magnolia Mayhem!!!

I am so excited, finally my small order of Magnolia Stamps arrived, I love this girl, Narny and Neeky do too...although Neeky is a bit concerned that the mouth is missing - she does have a solution - she will draw it in herself!!!

Tilda "with striped tights" is from the Winter "08 Collection and coloured with Copics, DP is MM "Gracen", Cardstock is SU, coloured flowers to match with copics, and little embellie things are from the Cricut, whew!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Neeky's Natter

Neeky was so excited the other night when I told her, if she did a nice colouring job that I would put her card on my blog. Neeky designed everything, stamped everything, begged for everything (like yellow brads) which she doesn't have "and I need really much" and put it all together, all her style and I am so proud of her. Oh, I had to help her with the nestabilities because she hasn't used them before.
Neeky is my baby, age 7 years.

Fairy Tink!!!

Neeky and I were home alone the other night, so she decided we should use the same image and colour it just the same (like Narny and I did when we first got our copics) this kid does not miss a trick...I was constantly being told off for not using the same colours as her. Image is one of Trace's from Greeting Farm - Tink the Fairy, paper is K & Co Berry Sweet, copics of course and a bit of nestabilities thrown in. Apologies for the photo quality, took this late at night which is the worse time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hairy Moment!!!

Here's another of my scrapbooking pages from days past. Narny went to the hairdresser who styled her hair after cutting it. We left it in all night and the next morning it had started to fall out so we took the lot out...below is the result. WARNING the below images are not for sensitive people and may offend anyone who loves their hairspay and styling products (not to mention GHD's) more than life.

DP is from Paper Pizzazz.

Petite - Yeah, Thats Me!!!

I have decided I need to get myself some new glasses (funny how mistaking one's friends child for one's own child brings one to that conclusion) so headed off to New Plymouth this afternoon to chose a pair. The lovely assistant told me I had a petite face (nothing like a bit of flattery to ease the pain of the cost of these specs) and would need to find a smaller frame to suit. We spent 10 minutes trying on green frames (not me), tortiseshell frames (when I'm 80), frames with holes in the sides (no words needed) then she told me we should move to the petite frames section - "you have a section for petite faced people like me?" I asked, "yes" she replied "we call it the kids section". I had no response to that!!!

BTW - I did find myself some frames...from the kids section!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Giving Shelter

This is one of my newst stash of stamps from Rachelle Ann Miller (hereby known as RAM), its called "Giving Shelter" and it is super cute. I coloured image with my copics and used colourless blender to take some colour out (still need to work on that process a little bit methinks). Paper is "Patio Umbrella" from October Afternoon (neat aye), flowers are from a stash from the States and cardstock is SU, I added the tinsy tinyist bit of stickles to the flowers and raindrops.


We decided to make Wellington special for Neeky seeing as we were only taking her, so buttered her up by telling her that we would go out to a really nice sit down restaurant for dinner, just the three of us.

Neeky's reply "Can it be a KFC restuarant".

Yup, my kids don't get out into the real world very often.

There Were Three in the Bed and the Little One Said!!!

Had to travel to Wellington to choose materials and be fitted for my bridesmaid outfit this weekend. DH and I had it all planned - Narny going to a friends birthday, Zak going whereever it is 18 year olds go, The Wahs and Neeky staying with Grandma - and then - Grandma had to go to Hamilton, so we had a rethunk (because we had already had a rethink a few days prior). The Wahs went to Aunty BJ's Friday night and Neeky we took to Wellington.

Here's a few things you need to know about Neeky -
1. She has never slept in a room by herself before!
2. She is a sleeper like me (kicks everything off the bed and thrashes around), she slept with Narny once and poor old Narny woke up to a pair of feet in her face!!!
3. Neeky fluffs things, ever since she could, she pulls the fluff off the back of mink blankets (and similar) and carries it around in her hand - she also sleeps with it in her hand (and lately has been known to poke it up her nose at night, so she doesn't lose it) and keeps her blanket nearby in case she needs to freshen the fluff!!!

So, before we even got out the door Neeky announced she would be sleeping with us (I saw that one coming 5 minutes after we told her she would be on her own with us).

Friday night we settled into bed, I stuck my earplugs in (DH snores) and settled into my third (after destroying the nicely made bed to make it more melike (messy and space for feet to stick out bottom).
Every time I moved, Neeky snuggled closer. DH was oblivious on his half (by now) and Neeky and I were sharing a little space (because every time I moved she moved closer).

At 4am I was awoken by a pair of knees up Mr Brown's right in my butt. Next thing I have a hand on my boob trying to fluff the living daylights out of my PJ's. Then I was poked and asked if I was awake. The blankets tumbled off the side of the bed and I realised I was only HALF in the bed!!! Neeky turned sideways, turned back and poked her scrawny arm under my neck, then threw the other over my face...I decided that this was the worst nights sleep ever and promptly got up...realised my glasses had fallen off the bedside stand - without my glasses, I have no hope whatsoever of being able to find my glasses, because I can't see which is why I have the glasses!!!
Neeky came to my rescue and fossicked around on the floor, found my glasses and got up with me leaving DH to continue his peacuful. uninterrupted sleep (MEN).

Friday, May 8, 2009

Enchanted Lily!!!

This card seemed to take forever, as I struggled with just about everything, being a bit of a perfectionist (yes, I am a virgo) I could not just leave it and finally I am happy with the result. DP is all SU, Lily was coloured with Copics and I stickled her headband and wings.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Am I Losing My Mind!!!

I am becoming a tad concerned that I may be losing what little mind I have left. At work today I watched a Team Member making her coffee...all was well until she added the first I thought it was like a cinnamony thing (I ain't no coffee drinker), but then I read the container as she sprinkled and I was OMG how do you drink that, "what" she asked as she reached for the salt, duh duh duh!!! Then I clicked...she was flavouring her cup of soup!!! I suppose I can be relied on at work for a laugh (and a silent prayer of thanks that everyone else isn't as dumb as me at times).

My First Award!!!

Viv, gave me this award a good week back and it has taken me that long to collect it. I am so proud, as it is my first ever award, thanks Viv.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I love this lion "Rory" from Sugar Nellie, coloured him with my Copics and some random DP and SU cardstock. For once no stickles.

5 Good Things That Happened To Me Today!!!

1. My new Toodles and Binks Stamps that I only ordered on the weekend arrived and they are cute.

2. My circles nestabilities that I ordered ages ago finally arrived.

3. My Copic Spica markers arrived.

4. My new chair for work (for my poor little footsies) arrived.

5. I found a gorgeous picture of my Edward (Twilight) and bought it home...really wanted the full size posted for my wall but thought DH may object.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Would You Like Fries With That???

I am back at work, and today I had to wonder if a broken foot can affect ones hearing.
I took a phone call from a lady (as one does when one answers the phone) who asked if we sold ice creams - very odd question I thought to myself, but nonetheless being the profesional that I am I quickly replied "yes, we do". The lady then asked what kinds and what are the prices so I replied we have jellytips and trumpets...the phone went quiet at the other end before the poor woman stated "I am wanting to know if you have firescreens"!!!

My reply "just one moment I will transfer you now".

Monday, May 4, 2009

Carrot Express!!!

Viv gave me this image from High Hopes "Carrot Express", he is just a sweetest little rabbit I have ever seen. Brads, cardstock and DP are SU, words are a stamp from Whiff of Joy. Coloured him with SU markers and crayons.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Narny's Nook

Narny spent ages dotting around the purple and yellow cardstock, she added one of her new flowers from her stash and coloured her Sarah Kay "Picnic of Daisies" image with Copics. All Cardstock and ribbon is SU.

Created by Narny, my 13 year old daughter.

Scrapbooking Narny!!!

I have been so flat tack lately (not really sure what I have been busy doing...but I have been busy) that I have not had time to create any scrapbooking pages. I decided to share this one I did a while ago. Here is Narny when I thought tearing would be usual got a bit carried away and tore everything in sight including the photos! But I am pleased with the results. All paper is Bazzill and random DP. Lettering created by yours truely (could you tell).

Friday, May 1, 2009

Picnic of Daisies Take Three!!!

Change of colours and this Sarah Kay image is still looking cute to me. Again everything is random.