Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am Model and Can Talk!!!

Just finished my first week back at work (for me a week is three days LOL), talk about more eating when I want, no more daytime soaps, no more blogging for hours on end, no more pj's till 10, no more Macdonalds lunches for one, no more FREEDOM!!!

I survived and have a chair (which I desperately need) so can rest during the day, makes doing the returns a bit odd (being low down and having the till hit me in the gut), but hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be like but with a broken part...I will be like secondhand new!!!

Been going to physio and have found someone in this life who can talk more than me without taking a breath (who knew), Mr Physio and I can yabber for twenty minutes non stop and he can hold his own against me...sometimes he actually out talks me!

This week at physio I had to practice walking straight (I turn my foot in at the moment). It was a tad embarrassing that at 9.40am I could not take two steps without wobbling, Mr Physio wanted one of whatever I had for breakfast and I myself was beginning to wonder what was actually in the orange juice that I had for breakfast. Had Mr Physio been a cop, I am sure I would've been promptly arrested!

Anyways, Mr Physio showed me how a model walks, and that is what I had to practice because then my foot would sit right, I made over 20 laps of his office whilst he explained to me why it is men do what they think you want them to do rather than what you actually want them to do (I swear it was like talking to DH because he does that all the time). He also explained that a man will give flowers to avoid the horrible after effects of an arguement, wealth of information is Mr Physio...but he's yet to tell me anything I didn't already know, LOL.

Picnic of Daisies Take Two!!!

When we were experimenting with the Copics we decided to colour the same image repeatedly so we could see the changes better (comparing apples with apples...just green apples with red apples). Neeky (who had been driving me mad) was allowed to have a little play with the copics and she coloured her girl with red hair, it looked so good I had to copy and I have to say I love the colours against the orange straw hat. Everything on this card is random from a variety of stashs I have around my room.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scrapbooking Again

These are two pages on was working on last year, before I stopped scrapbooking, when Narny and I had our two days to play I finished these so I could start afresh.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Neekyism About Shopkeepers!!!

When I started cardmking the kids wanted to join in and had no regard or understanding for the cost of what they were using. Soooooo, me being the kind and caring Mum that I am decided they would have to PAY for all their own cardstock (except for scrappy bits because that would be just plain mean) and it has actually made them appreciate the value of what they are using. It is actually so cute to see them debate over a change in colour or whether they should go get 30 cents to buy some paper. Neeky (being Neeky) even made me write an IOU when she purchased two sheets of paper and I failed to have the desired colours on hand (and yes, she made sure she collected on that IOU - ain't no flies on her).

Last week when I was having a little spending spree (for the day), I purchased extra flowers...why you may ask, I caught the littlies creating cards with some of my best flowers and cutest brads a few days earlier (they do have good taste) and needless to say I made them undo and remove everything they had stuck on which wasn't theirs.

So the extra flowers arrived and Narny and I decided to set up a "shop" on the kitchen table so the littlies could come and choose some flowers to use on their cards. Neeky decided she wanted to be a shopkeeper too, and I told her she couldn't be because then only Tahlia would be coming to the shop and plus you can't be a shopkeeper and a shopper.

The Neekyism - "you work at The Warehouse, Mum, and you buy things while you are working". Can't disagree with that!!!

What happened - we all became shopkeepers and during our "breaks" purchased from the flower shop!

Picnic of Daisies!!!

Another Sarah Kay image "Picnic of Daisies", colours on image are similar to those on Paper Monkey's blog as Narny and I were trying to work out how to shade, shadow and match our colours. Cardstock SU, DP, flowers and ribbon random.

First Kiss

This is one of my Sarah Kay images "First Kiss", I think it is so sweet. Image coloured with Copics (yay Copics), Cardstock is random and the pink is a special paper I picked up in Wellingon.

As this was just me playing with the Copics I am quite pleased that the image turned out to be "card worthy".

Friday, April 24, 2009

Narny's Nook

All DP and cardstock is SU, the DP is retired. Image is Sweet N Sassy Sugar Nellie.

Created by Narny my 13 year old daughter.

Coloured using Copic's and a bit of stickles on the necklace.

Funny Thing That Happened But Funny Only to Me!!!

The littlies have returned from their visit to the farm and the house is quiet no more. Grandma and Grandad on the Farm (called this to distinguish them from Grandma and Grandad Down the Street - my parents) took them to Stony Oaks Wildlife Park (they seem to go there just about every visit) and then for a first took them to Macdonalds for Lunch (not big fast food believers DH's olds) and home again. At supper Neeky announced that her tummy hurt and could she have a bowl, Grandma and Grandad didn't believe her when she said she wanted to throw up so didn't give her one...BIG MISTAKE Neeky filled the table and according to Tahlia got chicken on her muffin (which she was eating at the time) thats chicken from her Chicken Tenders LOL. Grandma and Grandad have decided it had to be the Macdonalds and will not be taking them there again!!!

Me, I just tried not to laugh, when they were telling me about the table up chuck incident while dropping the girls back - lesson learned - you should never ignore a child, when they tell you to get a bowl because they need to throw up!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Narny's Nook

Narny has been creating with the Copics - today she told me, she would like to invest in a few colours, because she is using the ink in mine all the time (how cool is that, so thoughtful). I think this is great because it means what I try to instil in my kids in getting through - that doing things like cardmaking - costs!!! Not everything can be given/bought for you.

Narny has worked out she can afford two maybe three pens and is going to get SU colour matches because I don't have many of those.

She is very chuffed with her attempts, so I have decided to give her a little bit of my world and post her creations here, under her own title "Narny's Nook".

Happy Birthday Zak

Age 1 day, you were born on a Monday, weighed 9lb5oz and came out with a conehead and a frown (the conehead has gone but we still get to see that fierce frown of yours). Grandma thought you were like a little old man with that frown. We had so many dreams and plans for you, and you have lived up to them, made them your own, and created many more for yourself.

Oh boy, it makes me teary eyed writing this, and I DO NOT get teary eyed over things!!!

So happy 18th, my one and only son.

From your extremely proud Mum. Oh damn, wheres the tissues!

Age 5, I was so worried that calf would get up and crush you, but you were so proud it didn't move and let you sit so close, this was your first big school trip out and you loved it.

Age 10, and the bleached fringe was in. What a mission to just ge that part bleached and nothing else on the head.

Age 18. You have grown so tall (6ft) and I am not sure where you got that from, certainly not Dad or me, I am very proud of how resonsible you have become and also the way you tolerate and help your younger sisters, I know it can't be easy at times.

I remember last year when we dropped you at the bus to go to Wellington, Neeky leaning out the window yelling "goodbye, my Zak, you are my hero". I think everyone boarding the bus heard, but you...which was lucky because you would've probably cheerfully strangled her for embarrassing you.

Well, my boy, what can I say about the hair,so much like mine when I was younger...actually mine never got this big.

Top 5 Good Things That Happened To Me Yesterday!!!

The littlies have gone to stay with DH's parents for two nights, so Narny and I have been having way too much Copic fun with our new colours.

Best thing ever that happened yesterday, Twilight was released. Narny and I went in super early and got a poster mmmmm, shes gonna keep it in her room (so DH doesn't get a complex) and I'm just gonna kiss it goodnight each night.

I Went to Physio and was told I am doing really well, and that I am very flexible (yes, well, I have been told that once or twice before, if you know what I mean mmmmhmmmm). Got to do lunges and other weird stuff ,but he is pleased with my efforts and thinks work will be ok next week.

My Whiff of Joy Stamps arrived, and the horse is soooo awesome, I can't wait to get colouring. Crappy photo I know. But I wanted you to get the just taken out of the envelope, still in their packaging and looked at for the first time feel, so you could share that new purchase moment with me (pity I can't do smelloputer, cause theres nothing like that fresh rubbery smell).

I got back into my scrapbooking and finished some pages of The Wahs that I started about 6 months ago.

It's a Miracle!!!

I think I fixed it, I did some system restart thingy just before the windows update thingy that I think mucked everything up. After this post I am going to try and upload some pics, yay, I am soooooo back!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Have Issues!!! Is it Groundhog Day?

Ok, not me personally...well, not anymore issues than I normally have - which in actual fact is probably a few more issues than other normal people have.

My computer has an issue and it is driving me mad. The other day it updated itself and all of a sudden I couldn't paste anything because apparently "it was too big" (lots of attitude and sarcasm in that comment), so I cut it down to a couple of words and "still too big". Then I tried to paste into Windows Mail and that shuts the whole mail system down. It reset my homepage and added another homepage on top of that.

So I went to system restart yesterday and restarted my computer back 5 days before the glitch. Ha ha I thought, you little sucker, I have beaten you. And all day yesterday I could paste and use my Windows Mail to my little hearts content...and they all lived happily ever after:)

Yeah, life ain't no fairytale, so deal with it. This morning turned on my stupid machine and it had re updated itself with this same whatever thingy that it updated itself with the other day, and yes like Groundhog Day I couldn't paste because "it was too big" and I couldn't paste in windows - because it shut the system down. And my homepage was gone again and the other stupid homepage was back.

Now, to completely destroy my life and make me insane, it will not let me upload anything on my blog, I always knew this machine and I were not destined to be best friends but to interfere with someones blog when they have photos to post....that is just taking it a little bit toooo far in my books. I may decide to restart my computer again tomorrow or may just wait until I visit a friend in three weeks and get it sorted then. Until then I will keep storing my creations to share.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Have Created a Monster!!!

Today the littlies went out to play at their friends house - thank you, thank you, thank you other people who put up with my children for the day.

Anyways DH thought if we could get rid of Narny, we could have a romantic day for two (yeah, right! Doesn't he know I have new copics with my name on them).
Unfortunately even with the areoplane flying a "take Narny Now" banner across the sky, we got no offers, so resigned ourselves to the fact, that she was here to stay and play with us.

So DH went out to chop some wood (man speak for play???) and Narny and I sat down to test out the Copics (woman speak for stressful colour testing situation???). I had told Narny that she couldn't touch my copics (even to move them out of her way) because they are so valuable and they are MINE. But taking pity on the poor child I said she could colour with them...BIG MISTAKE!!!
She has coloured about 3 images and apparently my colours are not sufficient and I should have more...probably the whole lot in fact if we want to colour properly. I have nothing for shading and not enough colours to match what she wants to do, also Narny has decided she needs to buy herself a colourless blender. And wonders why don't I have more of the softer light colours that are available and suit her style better. Tomorrow, we have to practice our shading (it is becoming more like work and less like a hobby) because our images don't look as they should...according to Narny!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Footloose When I Die!!!

Grandma has been down again doing her favourite sons album and has been humming Footloose all night. Grandma loves to sing or hum and at times does both together (yup, I wonder too how she manages that).

So tonight she has announced that when she dies we are to play "cool songs" (her words, not mine) at her funeral, she wants us to play Footloose, Abba, anything dancy (her words not mine), I told her people will think we are the most horrid people out playing songs like that - her reply "it's better than those old dead and boring ones they play". HMMMM is this where Neeky has inherited her Neekyisms from??

Remember ME!!! And Its Officially Hereditary!!!

I am the middle child and suffer from the affliction middle children around the world suffer from - FORGOTTENISM, thats right, when I was little I was never big enough to be responsible, however, when my little brother did things wrong, I was always big enough to be responsible!!! Is it no wonder I suffer from multiple personalities and identity crisies.

When I started High School my mother filled out all the forms with my wrong birth month...she knew she had had me just couldn't remember when. I tried to tell the teacher I was born a month earlier, but he thought I was just pulling his leg. Why? because he had the paperwork from my Mother (obviously a reliable source) stating my "correct" date of birth. I had to get a friend to speak up for me, so that he would ring Mum and double check my DOB!!!

Today Grandma (my Mum) came down to work on Uncy Steven's (little brother) album, she has decided that he can't complete it, so she will do it for him (hmm, is that youngest child syndrome).

I took a look at the photos - Us on the boat after Dad finished building it - Steven smiling (me with half a face and one leg at the back)!!!Us getting ready to go boating - Steven smiling (me with half the boat thru my head)!!! Us at Marineland - Steven looking at the camera (back of my head)!!! Us up the mountain - Steven on the sled (me straining to drag him up the hill)!!! Us up the mountain - Steven wrapped up in a jacket and hat (me hatless and wearing SHORTS, yes SHORTS who goes up the mountain to play in the snow wearing SHORTS)!!!!!!!! I can't bear to look any further - we are only 6 pages into the album and if all this has happened in 6 pages, what are the rest of my younger years looking like....

Narny is helping Grandma to scrapbook and they are doing a good job on a very basic level between them. They were finishing a page when I arrived home tonight so I decided to help (after telling them to add a dolphin to the Marineland page before I went out and coming home to find a 2cm squared sticker of a goldfish in a bowl sitting pride of place smack bang in the centre of their page - I said a "dolphin" not "Finding Nemo", I thought they needed my help) and stamped off a couple of octapus images, asked Grandma if she could glue (she said yes, Narny lets her) so gave her the image and mat to attach together, and kept stamping. Next thing a little voice says "how does this glue work?" I looked up and replied "take the lid off". Grandma started laughing so much she stuck her image onto the mat crooked (she was shaking so hard with laughter) which made her laugh all the harder when she saw what she had done. But it was ok, as it matched all the other crooked things the two of them had stuck on the page.

So its official, all the dumb things that happen to me AREN"T MY FAULT and laughing is the best medicine.

Bestest Thing That Happened to Me Today

OMG, I have been shopping up a storm on the internet (what else is a girl on one leg to do). Anyway, today I had PACKAGES, not one but TWO, the first was a supply of primas, papers, ribbons from Scrappin Patch, I heard about this site Monday night and just had to check it out, poor Credit Card!!!
The second was my next supply of copics from Ebay (have I mentioned how much ebay and I have bonded lately), I chose the colours a bit more brightly this time and was so excited when they arrived and I saw how fantastic my choices had been (yep, it is hard to be this perfect but I struggle through life with the gift I have been given LOL) that I sat down and had a cuddle with them, then showed Narny when she came home...then showed Neeky and her friend when they came home...then showed hubby when he came home from work...then showed Viv when I went to pick her up...then showed Trace when we got to her house...then showed Grandma when I got back home, and now I have put them to bed in their nice little box. Tomorrow I shall PLAY.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cupcake Bella

Bella is coloured with SU inks, card uses SU cardstock and random DP, I used stickles on the cupcake to look like sprinkles (hopefully that worked).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This image came from Pollycraft, paper, dp and inks all SU, with Prima flowers.

Hello Holidays

I am still home, was meant to go back to work today, but they don't have anything for a person with my intelligence (hm) and limited mobility to do. So I have another two weeks off to card make and hopefully get back into my scrapbooking - what else is a girl to do!!!

The kids are starting their holidays today, so may hop along to the movies this week (love that popcorn).

Feeling a tad tired this morning, went to Trace's (thank you Viv, my personal chauffeur) and met Tracey from Auckland who also blogs and we made a really super cute card holder box (will make the cards this Friday). Got into trouble as usual, because I did everything backward....even though it still comes out the same at the end. Viv made super cool lemon cupcakes (with my favourite crispy coated egg on top) mmmm, I am sooo food driven!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hug in a Mug

Starting to feel the chill of winter, so thought this Sugar Nellie was appropriate. Everything here is SU (except Sugar Nelie stamp), coloured with SU markers, and some retired SU DP.

To Train or Not to Train!!!

Hello World and a special welcome to my favourite jeans with expanding waistline, whew, do I have a chocolate stash or what - I only got one yucky egg but I swapped it with DH before he noticed (I am a Cadbury girl) so all is perfect in Denise's world of chocolate. I figure with minor rationing to have about 3 months supply of my all time favourite Crispy Coated Mini Eggs (hints do work, oh, and buying extra yourself in case people can't take a hint).

I survived Wellington (Wellington, however, is still recovering).

You will not believe this, but I went to Wellington with a list of all the shops I would visit on Saturday (that, of course is the believable part) but I just couldn't do it!!!
I visited Gordon Harris Art Shop OMG, a craft shop, Super Cheap (bought Grandma a car stereo for minding me), then went to The Warehouse, got to the door and I just couldn't walk anymore, so wheel chaired around The Warehouse, and told the boys I just couldn't go anywhere else - that was the bad part, I was chaperoned by DH and Mr Brown - how is a girl supposed to spend money with males hanging off her shoulders saying "whats that?", "do you need that?", and the all time favourite "are you finished yet?", they knew everything I bought because, duh, with the crutches they had to carry it all for me. Anyway, after they picked up their jaws and blinked a few times, I told them to take me to the train station, so I could go home and they could go to the Hot Rod Showy thingy that I thought they would enjoy.

I have trained from Wellington once and figured I could take one for the Team and do it by myself.
They let me off at the station and I hobbled in, bought a ticket like I was told and tried to remember the stop before mine that I was told to remember (so much to remember so little memory). Then I read the sign that said trains are not running, you will be bused!!! Bused, bused, I can't get home on a bus, where do I get off - hang on, which bus do I get on???? Boys, boys, come back and get me!!!.

Whats a girl to do - I got brave and made it to the buses, asked and found my bus, hobbled up the steps, and it was standing room only (what a surprise), a nice man gave me his seat and I made friends with the lady next to me, so she wouldn't let me get left on the bus (I am sooo strategic). So I sat on the bus cackling quietly to myself, because this is what happens to me all the time, I have plans then bada bing bada boom, the whole Wellington train system shuts down!!! I didn't dare ring my ride and tell her I was on a bus, in case I mucked up (likely possibility) and did not end up in Porirua where I was meant to be.
But I did it, made it to Tawa (almost got up when they said people going North get off here, but nice lady told me it wasn't me yet - see strategy), she walked slowly with me to the train (I only have one speed) and told me this was the train to get me to Porirua (was glad about was the only train at the station), then guess what, I saw the station Mr Brown told me to remember and I knew my stop was next, so I did it, I did it!!!
The engagement party was great, stuck to my cokes (no good tempting fate), got up this morning and came home. Next stop designing and making the wedding invitations.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to Wellington I go...Oh my singing is so in tune (in my head, anyway). Heading to Wellington this afternoon as I am going to be a bridesmaid!
When I was young, all I ever wanted was to be the Matron of Honour, as it seemed to be a more important position than just being a Bridesmaid. Now, however, that I am eh "young" I have decided I want to be known as the bridesmaid, because Matron of Honour seems OLD!!! So anyways, I am going down to Wellington with the DH for the engagement party, leaving today why???

....Because...the shops are open tomorrow and I will need an early start with my crutches. Anyone who knows me well, will know my two most favorite things are chocolate and shopping - or is it shopping and chocolate hmmm.
I tell ya, if I could, I would shop with chocolate in my other hand. But I still have my extended pointy arms. Yes, I have gotten into the habit of using my crutches to point at things I want - was buying flowers for Mum and up came the crutch to point at the bunch I wanted - lady wondered WTF I am sure. I can't help it, it just happens.

My idea of heaven, along with endless money in the bank and a size 10 oh lets not be greedy size 12 figure - would be to combine shopping whilst eating all the chocolate I want without altering my figure. Oh and the odd trip to McDonalds for sustenance.

So we are going to check out some crafty shops, whilst we are down there and then party on Saturday night -me on coke, because I don't want to risk twisting my foot which I am bound to do if I have anything stronger.

Happy Hoppers for Kids

Made these little cuties for the kids, these were my first attempts with the copics, trying to get some shading happening. Will give these to the kids sometime over the Easter weekend because everyone knows the Easter Bunny does not card make. Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink.

Too Cute, Too Cute..I have nothing more to say (Denise Speechless - miracles do happen you know).

Happy Hoppers To You!

This Happy Hoppers Eggcellant stamp is one of my stash, I ordered whilst stuck on the couch with the cast, it's for Grandma to say thanks for everything she did whilst I was incapacitated. Cardstock is all SU, flower is a Warehouse jobby and yes, Viv, it is bright, because, well because it is...It did start out as a soft subtles card, but I just need to add that beautiful get whacked in the face with colour, feel to my cards!!!

By the way I apologise in advance if this post is all weirdly displayed - me and the computer are still disagreeing about who's boss (hint - I am not winning).

Trying to get this layered look happening with the Copics - took alot of blood, sweat and tears, but am pleased with this result...for now:)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

It's Eastertime. and you know what that means...I can eat chocolate to my hearts content (ok, so its no different to every other day of the week for me). This Easter Card is all SU, using Loads of Love from current catty.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sugar Nellie Rory

This is way outside my usual colour choice, but I do like it. DP is some random stuff I had lying around and cardstock is SU.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sugar Nellie "Pickin Apples"

Created this Sugar Nellie, profusion of red, the other day. As always everything SU guessed it Crystal Effects!

Coloured little Miss"Pickin Apples" Sugar Nellie with My SU inks and blender pen.

This is one of my new prima stash flowers, I loooove it.

A Story Not About Me!!!

5.15am this morning DH, Zak, Grandad (my Dad), and Uncy Steven went fishing - sounds normal you may think; but you are forgetting, this is my family and nothing is ever "normal". Zak and DH climbed into the boat and Grandad backed it into the river, Uncy Steven (suffering just a tad after the night before) held the boats rope whilst Grandad gently rocked it off...uh, that was the plan, but Grandad breaked a teeny bit too hard...the boat shot off the tailer, Uncy Steven let go of the rope and DH and Zak drifted into the river. I would like to point out here that DH gets motion sickness so rarely goes on the boat (I am not sure how he managed to sleep in the waterbed for sooo long) and Zak has never been on a boat before.
Uncy Steven yelled "grab the oars", DH yelled "there aren't any" and after that, all conversation was lost as they drifted gently away into the wild blue yonder.
Grandad arrived back after parking and looked left (no boat) looked right (no boat), straight ahead (no boat) he then spotted Uncy Steven having a piss all fit of laughter (because that is what my family do in any serious situation LAUGH) and between fits Uncy Steven told Grandad what had happened and pointed way out where DH and Zak waved and drifted.
Grandad asked another boat if they would take him out to his boat as DH and Zak are boating virgins and couldn't work out how to put the motor in the water, let alone get things started.
He (at 69years) leaped onto the front of their boat and held on as they took him out, then leaped from their boat onto his boat and gained control, turned the boat back to shore and picked up Uncy Steven who was by now crying (with laughter) after watching his aged father perform water aerobatics to save the day.
They headed out to sea, where they did not fair so well with the fish, and Uncy Steven managed to snag his entire line around the propeller and refused to let it be cut (because it was his most favorite lure) until he had spent 20 minutes trying to untangle it!!!. Grandad reached into his pocket for his hanky and came up with a handful of sunscreen because the lid had fallen off in his pocket and couldn't grip anything (Uncy Steven doubled up with laughter yet again).
The fishermen headed back to shore where (not surprisingly considering the day they were having) they proceeded to run out of petrol just before the boat ramp!!!

So they ended the day the way they drifting in to the boat ramp!!! With Uncy Steven pissing himself in a fit of laughter!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who Loves Sugar Nellies? Me, Me, Me

I love playing with these stamps, yet again all papers, inks are SU are used on the "Peek a Bunny" Sugar Nellie.

Yucky Thing That Happened to me Today

Warning do not be eating whilst reading following post!!!
My cast came off today, and I still have a least did until I came home and sloughed it all off in the bath, now I look like someone who applied fake tan with a tequila in the other hand!!! Had my long awaited bath and ugh, skin on my heel came off in chunks, the middle underneath my foot was like liquid skin - if such a thing exists, it shouldn't because its unnatural. Your skin should not depart from your body in slimy chunks that get stuck under your fingernails, this stuff was goopy. Anyways my lovely bath quickly became like a horror movie - beautiful actress lays back in bath, sighs, and out the corner of her contact lens spies hunks of her own skin floating past - queue beautiful actress scream.....

You know me; I had to show the kids, the Wahs was most impressed, Neeky thought it was horrible and Narny rated it right up there with having to help me shower.

Top 5 Good Things That Happened to Me Today!!!

1st= The Copic Marker pens, Viv and I ordered arrived today, I can't wait to experiment, and already think there are more colours out there with my name on them.
1st= I went to the supermarket today and found my all time favorite current addiction Cadbury Crispy Shell Mini Eggs - DH and Narny told me all the supermarkets were sold out (check my forehead do you see stupid written there - actually don't answer that). Bet they didn't count on me getting to the supermarket did they...maw maw mawah (evil laugh).

1st = I had a bath today, first time in 7 weeks (don't panic - I have been showering during that time). It was absolute bliss.

1st = My addiction - Cadbury's Crispy Shell Mini Eggs, bought two bags!!!.

1st = I got my cast off today (insert happy dance), I have used a foot model (Narny) as my foot ain't so hot looking today.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Flower Garden

I am loving these colours (not very much me, normally), everything Su including my favorite Crystal Effects all over the flower. I am in countdown mode as my cast comes off tomorrow YAY, can't wait, I will be in that bath all afternoon (and knowing me I'll climb out slip and break the other foot), told the kids I would be a beautiful mermaid when they came home...Narny announced I would be more like a wrinkly prune, thank you darling daughter!!!