Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chaos is Enjoyable!!!

I vow as long as I live that I will never understand how a teenage boys mind works.

Today is Grandma's Birthday, "happy 69th Grandma" (Grandma is my Mum but we always call her Grandma so the kids don't get confused with names, you know me calling her Mum, them being told she's Grandma, etc). The kids planned for DH to take me and my wheelchair to town to buy gifts - going alone with Daddy just would not do as aparently he has no shopping sense. Long story short (very rarely do I EVER cut a long story short) DH was called into work and we were stranded. Sooooo this afternoon Zak (17 3/4) arrives home from cricket, and our little minds went into overdrive - Zak was home early - Zak can drive - Zak has a car - Zak can take us shopping. Zak however, was not up with this plan, but begrudgingly after much grovelling (I am not ashamed to grovel - especially when I spend my days with my leg perched on a pile of cushions and going to town would be the highlight of my entire week) he agreed to take us...on a strict time schedule as he apparently had far more important things to be doing than driving his Mum and three siblings around the streets of Hawera.

We got the wheelchair loaded in and racd to the Warehouse (big store with almost everything), I was rushing so much and he makes me so scared (yeah right) that I said I would hobble on my crutches. Now its hot here and stinkin humid, so by the time I made it in the door (which isn't even far from the car because Hawera is a tiny town and we parked right outside the door) I was sweating like a pig - kids couldn't decide what they wanted - Zak couldn't stop Teching at us and texting frantically and my leg hurt like F***. I was a wreck spinning in circles on my crutches, too hot to move to look around and thinking this was the worst idea ever. Let the kids choose everything - Neeky got a hideouly ugly bag that she was adament Grandma would adore (she can return it I made sure of that), Narna's found some budget perfume that smelt like...budget perfume and The Wah's being The Wah's just wanted to look at toys.

Onward to the supermarket, crutches there, sent Narny for a dinner voucher further in town, sent Zak, Neeky and The Wah's down aisles grabbing what we needed and I stood leaning on my crutches by the checkouts, paid (had to ask Zak for money as I can't use crutches and carry stuff so everyone carries it for me) and back to the car in record time. Made everyone (but me, of couse) help unload so Zak wouldn't have a meltdown about nobody helping and finally got to sit down.

And here's the bit I don't get - Zak had a shower, came over to me and said "thanks for a great last hour and a half Mum I enjoyed doing that with you, I love you will ring and let you know what I'm doing, kiss, kiss gone!!!!

I am shattered, my toes are swollen into little fat slugs, I stink, I feel a headache coming on, my stress level is off the radar AND HE HAD FUN, Men!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Speech and Speed Bumps

Took Neeky (7) to New Plymouth to see a Speech Therapist on Wednesday, what a mission, got myself a wheelchair so I could get around easier and avoid breaking my other leg by falling off my crutches...that was the theory, but with the skills of the pushing team crutches may have been safer. Neeky was allowed to push me into the lift at Centre City (shopping mall for non Taranaki Ites) - thanks for that hon! but she pushed just my leg in (which was stickin out in front on some random looking contraption) and then the door started to shut, I saved myself from that one!!!
After hitting just about every bump going back to the van (thanks again hon) we drove to the zoo. I wanted to see the rats that are currently living the the monkey cage (yes, I love that odd sort of thing), they were worth the visit, not at all concerned about being watched and just huge (DH got a tad freaked as furry things aren't his thing...clarification furry animal things aren't his thing). Neeky ran me off the track and into the grass (no surprise there really) and we headed to the Speech Therapist.
My Neeky is a stubborn child (no idea at all where that comes from...alright it's all me), and upon arrival she decided that today was not the day for a Speech Test, she mispronounced words that she knew, pretended she didn't understand words and basically made it impossible for the assessment to be accurate. However, we did (we meaning the Speech Therapist) hear enough to decided she would benefit from further weekly therapy which was what we expected anyway.
We have had Speech Therapy through the school system but visits were inconsistent and as usual with anything Government funded she was deemed to have improved enough at the end of school last year to be released from School Speech Therapy... even though WE her parents still can't understand her when she gets excited or is in a hurry to get it all out!!! And if we can't understand you can imagine how many other people or kids can understand her.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Break a Leg!!!

At present I have a bit of time on my hands. Sunday we went quad biking on the Mere Mere Track (which is out in the back and beyond for anyone who doesn't live in the area), took my
Mum and Dad and Hubby's dinky Trail Car. The track is beautiful and only open about 8 months of year because during winter it is way too dangerous with slips etc. The views are breath taking and if I can work out how to get photos loaded I will post some later.
Anyway we were coming back (Dad and me on bikes and hubby and Mum in dinky car), and I went down a hill in wrong gear, hit a rut (didn't hurt), clipped the bank and twisted my foot in a not so normal way (did hurt).
Hubby, Mum,and dinky car arrived, uprighted the bike (which had toppled on me) and I crawled (on the bike that is) in first gear all the way back to the cars (about 1 1/2 hours), boot off when got home, Monday xrays followed by plaster and two weeks off work as a start. Back to doc's this afternoon so will keep you informed.

Let's Get Started

Here goes, hey everyone, I have never blogged before and am not sure how long this will last, will try to keep it up and blog with some sort of regularity but that will depend on a few things...the main one being ME.
I also apologise here and now for any grammatical errors I make, please don't hold it against me if I tried to correct everything I may never finish anything.
I decided to start blogging cause so much happens to me (I seem to attract the oddest situations)and I decided it might be fun to share it. The kids think its a great idea (yeah, lets have more people think of mum as a bit of a nutcase).