Thursday, July 22, 2010

I've Got a Boo Boo...I Made a Boo Boo!!!

Got a Boo Boo - My two littlies have very long hair, Neeky's is so thick, it takes forever to dry and I always keep it plaited, The Wahs has fine hair, Narny is 14...say no more!!!
Anyway, I decided to replace our budget straighteners with a pair of GHD's to make it easier to keep the littlies hair under control and Narny "lookin good". They arrived today, and you would all be so proud of me, I straightened Neeky's hair (so much more manageable), then got halfway throught Narny's hair...before I burnt my thumb on them - did you really expect a happy ending to me using such a hot tool???

Made a Boo Boo - 15 minutes after the above incident, I went to parent teacher interviews with Narny (giving everyone the thumbs up as I drove because my thumb was too sore to grip the steering wheel). On arrival and having a few minutes spare I decided to use "the amenitities". due to the thumb incident I struggled valiantly with my zipper in the loo, which meant we walked into our first interview and I hadn't been prompted by Narny (see below). "Narny is wonderful to teach, so bright, achieving merits and excellences" the teacher droned on. "Well, Narny does love her English" I replied proudly in my best parent who knows everything about her childs education voice. Stunned silence followed and a disbelieving Narny and teacher stared at me before chorusing "this is maths"!!!!!!
Prompted = Narny always tells me before we sit down which subject we are at (so I look like a parent who knows everything about her childs education).


  1. hehe sounds like something I would do, sorry to hear you burnt your thumb, very annoying as well as painful x

  2. Hmmm nice work MUM!!! can you do anything right... now Breanagh thats why she made dad go to mine