Sunday, October 25, 2009

Room Swap Part 2!!!

After rearranging my craft room for Narny only on Thursday, I had one of my "thoughts" (usually when I say I have had a thought my family runs because they know it means work for someone).
Anyway, my thought involved moving Narny back to her room, dragging the mattress in from the caravan to make the bed more comfortble and moving Grandma into the craft her original "3 day" stay has past the three month mark and shows no sign of ending anytime soon.
A bit of drama unfolded when I got wedged down the side of the bed and Zak had to drag me out by my legs (with me yelping as a wandering "boob" was stuck behind the bars of the bed as he dragged me in the opposite direction) over the metal rods of the bed that he forgot about (more yelps) to appear out the foot in time to see Grandma and Narny doubled over with laughter at my predicament (yup, the usual family stance...anyone in pain laugh your heart out).
Grandma's stuff came pouring out of Narny's little room and at last count there were 6 pairs of shoes, 9 polar fleece vests, 5 handbags (she is addicted to them) and enought stuff to fill all the drawers in the room plus the big drawer she bought from her place!!!
So after a few minor adjustments to Grandma's bed (when she first tried to get out her legs were moving like rotor blades in mid air but she wasn't going anywhere) we placed a folded blanket down the centre under the mattress so she could roll out, we were done and everyone is happy (except for me who still has no craft room).

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