Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whitianga Cruising!!!

Here we are at day 5, Narny and I managed to ditch the littlies and DH for an afternoon of book reading and silence.
Day 1 - We travelled via Hamilton where we stopped at the best little shop with everything you could ever want and scored some buttons and fabric for my cards...could've stayed there all day, but Narny dragged me out the door. We unpacked and headed around the coast where we navigated a gravel track (DH was passed by a vintage car on this track - going in the same direction - and I may never let him live it down)to a hidden paradise (discovered only by rich people, one of whom parked a helicopter on his front lawn).
Day 2 - I put in my new upgraded contact lenses and we took the ferry across to Cooks Beach (a 45 minute walk after departing the ferry - EACH WAY) - everything up here is so beautiful and larger than life, so I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted the biggest mushroom I have ever seen growing on the bank I said to DH "wow, look at that"...then realised it was actually a tree stump (hmm newer even more upgraded contacts required maybe).
Day 3 - We drove around to Hahei, and walked 45 minutes down a cliff to Cathedral Cove (again stunning) I was bemoaning my existence and the fact that all parts of me ached, and that in all probability my heart may give out, when I was passed by a girl on crutches...seriously who undertakes that kind of hike on crutches unless they want to put to shame us mere mortals.
Day 4 - I announced that I had no idea why we came here, there is no Macdonalds, everywhere you go its a 45 minute walk and everyone is thin "I must be the largest person in Whitianga" I declared. Never fear the Wahs had my back "no Mum, you're not, yesterday on the ferry there was a lady who was bigger than you", great so I am officially the second largest person in Whitianga!!!

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