Thursday, June 3, 2010

They Really are Related!!!

Those of you who know me well and those who have been following me for awhile, will know that I am slightly accident prone, this usually occurs in the oddest of ways (normally through no fault of mine - innocent eyelid flutter happening here). Tonight Narny and Neeky proved they really are mine. They were folding the washing and next thing I hear shrieks of "help, help" I arrive on the scene to see Narny kind of doubled over sideways with Neeky sort of twisted backwards whilst facing frontwards leaning on the couch - whats up with that you may ask (and believe me I was wondering the same thing), "we can't move" they chorused "why not" I asked "Neeky's hair is stuck in my jacket zipper and we can't get it out" Narny cried "oh, is that all" I answered (living with me and my family, it takes a bit more than hair in a zipper to create a panic session), "Narny half stand up and Neeky you stand right up", seconds later they were freed and Neeky even kept all her hair...this time...
BTW how did it happen...I didn't dare to ask!!!

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