Sunday, May 10, 2009

There Were Three in the Bed and the Little One Said!!!

Had to travel to Wellington to choose materials and be fitted for my bridesmaid outfit this weekend. DH and I had it all planned - Narny going to a friends birthday, Zak going whereever it is 18 year olds go, The Wahs and Neeky staying with Grandma - and then - Grandma had to go to Hamilton, so we had a rethunk (because we had already had a rethink a few days prior). The Wahs went to Aunty BJ's Friday night and Neeky we took to Wellington.

Here's a few things you need to know about Neeky -
1. She has never slept in a room by herself before!
2. She is a sleeper like me (kicks everything off the bed and thrashes around), she slept with Narny once and poor old Narny woke up to a pair of feet in her face!!!
3. Neeky fluffs things, ever since she could, she pulls the fluff off the back of mink blankets (and similar) and carries it around in her hand - she also sleeps with it in her hand (and lately has been known to poke it up her nose at night, so she doesn't lose it) and keeps her blanket nearby in case she needs to freshen the fluff!!!

So, before we even got out the door Neeky announced she would be sleeping with us (I saw that one coming 5 minutes after we told her she would be on her own with us).

Friday night we settled into bed, I stuck my earplugs in (DH snores) and settled into my third (after destroying the nicely made bed to make it more melike (messy and space for feet to stick out bottom).
Every time I moved, Neeky snuggled closer. DH was oblivious on his half (by now) and Neeky and I were sharing a little space (because every time I moved she moved closer).

At 4am I was awoken by a pair of knees up Mr Brown's right in my butt. Next thing I have a hand on my boob trying to fluff the living daylights out of my PJ's. Then I was poked and asked if I was awake. The blankets tumbled off the side of the bed and I realised I was only HALF in the bed!!! Neeky turned sideways, turned back and poked her scrawny arm under my neck, then threw the other over my face...I decided that this was the worst nights sleep ever and promptly got up...realised my glasses had fallen off the bedside stand - without my glasses, I have no hope whatsoever of being able to find my glasses, because I can't see which is why I have the glasses!!!
Neeky came to my rescue and fossicked around on the floor, found my glasses and got up with me leaving DH to continue his peacuful. uninterrupted sleep (MEN).


  1. I'd rather sleep with a dog! I DO sleep with a dog and he's sooo good! You sleep well last night then?