Friday, August 21, 2009

DeJa Vue!!!

It's been a trying week for little old me, work is restructuring the workplace which is quite stressful - I am wondering what will change in my job, Grandma is still with us but is slowly getting better.....but wait there's more!

Zak had badminton in PE today...he's just returned from A & E after a three hour visit with a cast up to his knee (yup, deja vue as this was me only 6 months ago after my run in with the side of a hill)!!! He rolled his ankle in PE and they are concerned he has cracked it, x rays tomorrow will confirm.

This creates a whole load of new problems for me the main one being how to get the kids to school (including Zak and his crutches, remember I start work at 7.30 am), I am just wondering if it is possible for a head to physically explode because I don't think my little ole head can take anything else this week!

So I may be AWOL for a bit as I juggle these downs in my life of ups and downs, but I shall return and keep you guys updated as I find the time.

BTW thanks for the laugh today Trace (haven't laughed that much in awhile)...I went to visit Trace this afternoon and she showed me her poor Manga boy with the missing hunk in his arm, yup she hacked a chunk out of the rubber which has left him with an invisible man appearance happening on his arm - its a tad freaky looking really.

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  1. Gee, sounds like another normal week in the Chisnall household!
    Trace was scared I was going to kill her over the Manga incident!