Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grandma Vs Cheeky!!!

Grandma has been staying with us for the past 10 days as she hasn't been too well, Cheeky (remember the new kitten age 9 weeks) thinks she is the newest toy in the house and seems to delight in tormenting Grandma. During the week Grandma has been hanging the clothes in front of the fire, and as fast as she hangs them Cheeky is below her swinging on anything and everything that takes her fancy pulling it to the ground.

Today, we made a lovely stew for tea and had leftovers (Grandad keeps coming to visit Grandma and we never have enough tea) so we filled four bowls (two for Grandad, one for DH and a small one for Grandma for lunch tomorrow) and left them to cool on the bench. Sat down to watch "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and next thing Neeky is telling Cheeky off (BTW she wasn't watcing FSM with us!!!), why, you may ask - Cheeky had hopped up onto the bench walked past two bowls of cooling stew, tore a hole in the gladwrap on the third and eaten her way through half it before being rudely interrupted by Neeky!

Guess who's bowl of stew it was - thats right - Grandma's, between fits of laughter I tried to explain that our kitten was actually extremely clever and not really a "little shit" as Grandma declared - four bowls of stew in a row and Cheeky managed to find Grandma's, if thats not clever I don't know what is!!!
Pic is of the "Guilty" cleaning up after the "Alleged Crime"

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