Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cheeky Girl!!!

Meet Cheeky Girl.

Tracy and I took the girls out for lunch during the school holidays and I decided we would visit the pet shop on the way home( big mistake...should of known that with Tracy and I together things don't usually run sweetly). Firstly the woman gives the girls a cute little guinea pig to hold (but didn't tell us it had only arrived that morning and was a tad fruit loopy) it was scrambling out of Bailee's hands, up my front...then the woman wanted Neeky to hold it - we said "NO"!!!.

We wandered inside and this little kitten was all alone and loved it when the girls held her (she is really ugly, but so much fun). The Wahs let her the shop....on the main road...with the door in a pseudo voice (so the owner wouldn't hear) I called Trace over and told her to prepare to dive as I was in front of her (and if you remembr I have the physical prowess of a warthog and was always chosen last at school for sports teams) The Wahs couldn't get her and she came racing at me like a greyhound on a racetrack and somehow bam she ran straight into my hand and I caught her (oh miracle of all miracles)...and you brought her home," how wonderful" you are thinking....NO, we quickly shut her in the cage and left the store. On the drive home I asked Trace is she was ready to catch her, should I have missed and she replied "Yeah, but I wasn't gonna get down on my knees until I had to, the ground looked dirty"!!! Oh thank you, back up person!!!

Anyways, next morning the kids were still talking about the kitten, so back to the pet shop we headed and brought her home, she is a real character and when I introduced her to Paylee after a few hours of settling in she immediately hissed and put Paylee right in her place. Chloe Cat's nose was put out of joint in a major way and she spent 5 days living on the deck and in the shed but she has settled now (or got really hungry and realised she had to come in for food).

Now, I just need to find Cheeky Girl another place to sit as she loves the laptop and no matter how much I move her back she comes!


  1. LOL..... Oh you have such a way with words.... I was ready to catch... but I didnt think for even a second that you wouldnt catch her! Oh the faith I have in you!

  2. Poor puddy tat...she's NOT ugly!!!