Friday, July 24, 2009

A Rest Is Good!!

Hello everyone, did ya miss me LOL, sometimes life gets a tad crazier than usual and I decided that rather than pushing it to the max, I would have a blogging holiday, things are now more relaxed and I can get back to my cards and blogging, yay.

Headed to Auckland last weekend - took the van so we would have heaps of room for shopping...the kids packed my lolly supply (gotta chew and drive) which had the girls whooping with laughter (the kids packed about 1.5 kgs worth of lollies into a huge container - hey sometimes bigger is better) but no whooping was done when I pointed out half an hour from home on Sunday that we had eaten all but the dregs (you know yucky ones everyone moves around the lolly jar but no one wants) and we also worked out way thru Viv's normal sized container.

Tracy, Viv, Marise and my cousin Jules who has just starting cardmaking (and is not yet completely addicted) hit SENZ and then shopped our way through Silvia Park, Botany Downs (not me and Jules we were stuffed), nipped across to Point Chevalier (yeah, actually, when I look on the map it's not exactly a "nip") found Arthur's Emporium (oh, I loved that place) and visited it twice, and hit the Base on the way home (whilst I dropped Jules off to get her car) then visited the Cheesecake Shop (oohh I want one of those at my place) and headed home.

We took the scenic route a couple of times (yes, a polite way of saying got lost), and I have to say Hamiltonites "who knew" there were so many churches along Rifle Range Road, and "who knew" that if you arrived in the country after passing them all that you had gone too far.
Also Hamiltonites what is up with the removal of the sign that says "South" when coming out of Hamilton after visiting the Cheesecake Shop - someone needs to put it back because whilst it is nice to visit Cambridge on the way home to Hawera (and catch up with Jules who is heading to Taupo but stops to point us - in a polite way of course, in the right direction) I am a creature of habit and prefer the road I know (that we usually take when I am not driving).


  1. Shhhh Denise, did you have to tell everyone about the lollies!!!! And well.... isnt it just part of the trip that we 4 have to get lost at least once??
    had a great time though.... cant wait till next one!!!!

  2. But Trace, I didn't tell them how many meals we had at Macdonalds in three days!!!