Sunday, July 5, 2009

Um Um Umbrella!!!

Had an umbrella walk past my windows this least that's what it looked like - this huge golfing umbrella and an umbrella stalk, according to my guests who at first wondered WTF.

But if you looked way down you could see Grandma (she's a wee thing at 4ft 9"), so she comes up onto the deck with her new monstrosity (of which she is so proud) plonks it down and comes in for a natter.

Now you may be wondering why Grandma is coming to my place with her umbrella. She only lives two doors away and she usually wanders down to see whats happening with us at least once a day (I never realised we were that exciting) she has a yak, checks we are all alive and kicking and wanders home again...most times managing to leave some article of clothing behind - DH always wonders how one can walk down the street in gumboots and wander home again in bare feet and not spot the difference. The kids are always finding vests, socks and hats and returning them to Grandma (they think its great because it means they can visit her).

So today, she heads out the door to return home, and next thing I look up to see her doubled over laughing (from previous posts like "A Story Not About Me" you may recall that any event that is serious or causes misfortune in our family means we laugh uncontrollably) why, you may ask - well, she went to pick her monstrosity of an umbrella up to take home (yes, she remembered it) and it was wedged in the deck and she couldn't get it out, on its side it was almost as tall as her, and between the hysterics she couldn't budge it, I excused myself from my guests with a "back in a minute, Grandma has her umbrella stuck in the deck" (you know your friends are longtime friends when you make a statement like that and they just say "ok" and keep on talking to the kids) went outside, wedged it free and off Grandma went...just glad that there was no wind because with the size of that thing she would've taken flight!!!.


  1. What a picture that must've been! Did she take all her clothes home?

  2. Thats so sweet.. I didnt realize she only lived two houses away... lucky you.