Thursday, June 11, 2009

Read My Forehead!!!

OMG, today was one of those days. Got up this morning (as you do) ready for work at some crazy hour (this body does not do mornings), then made the stupid stupid mistake of looking at the mice before heading to work...then made the stupider stupider mistake of announcing they didn't look to well and I thought one was dead!!! Thats right, 10 minutes before I had to leave for work and the wail went up from Neeky (she is a wailer, you know one of those kids who if upset, hard done by, growled at, punched...ok fair enough on that one) anyway she wails, so I am trying to soothe her and get my butt into gear so I make work in time. So out came the teensy weensy Mummy lie that I sometimes have to do "Neeky, maybe I didn't look right, she probably will get up shortly and move to the food dish and start eating and I am sure the others were just climbing all over her because they were cold, tonight they will probably be running all over the place" (thank goodness I am not related to Pinnocchio), she bought the lot, and I got to leave for work on time. Where unfortunately my day did not improve.

You know sometimes, I wonder if I have written on my forehead something that reads like " please come on over and see me and tell me all about your lifes problems and gripes I have nothing better to do with my day" (of course, that wouldn't all fit on my forehead, it being petite and all - refer post Petite Yea Thats Me from Tuesday 12 May)but that is how I feel, I do love my job and helping everyone but when they come in waves it does get hard to remember how much I love my job. So I am pleased to be finally at home, showered (wanted to wash that writing off my forehead) and trying to bribe some lolly cake off my "Naked Chef's".

BTW - Stuck my head in the mouse cage (well, not really, its petite, but not THAT petite) and those darn mice are all racing around their cage as fast as their furry legs will carry them...told you I was telling the truth!!!

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  1. You Wanna-be Mouse killer you! It was just having a sleep-in!