Saturday, June 13, 2009

Loadsa Letterboxes!!!

Phew, Trace, Bailey, Narny, The Wahs, Neeky and I have just spent 3 1/2 hours driving around town and the countryside delivering mailers for our next Addicted to Paper Class. We split up and went up and down streets - Narny was completely befuddled when she came across a microwave mounted as a letterbox, she had to be told to push the door button to open it so she could shove the mailer in. I was amazed at the amount of large old oil containers that were mounted as letterboxes and Trace was greatly amused by the cow letterbox she spotted.

We then had the brilliant idea of hitting a few of the smaller towns. I became quite adept at getting in close so Trace could lean (at times ungracefully) out the window and drop the mailer in. I only whacked the side mirror on a mail box once and the only other mishap was when the van seemed to be stuck and Narny said "you are on a pipe Mum, didn't Tracey tell you"? No, No Trace didn't tell me but she laughed herself silly as I tried to get off the pipe.

The girls got a bit bored, so we stopped by a paddock of cows and they opened the sunroof and stuck their heads out (the girls not the cows), all the cows came rushing over as close to the fence as they could get to watch us and they loved that and were then happy to settle back in the van for a bit longer.

Finally we traveled home all letterbox dropped out to a tea of chicken, buns and chips, mmm...oh, and a king size stick of dairy milk chocolate for dessert!

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  1. LOL... I swear I didnt know there was a pipe!!! I was too busy hiding from that car that arrived home to catch us putting mail in his box... which he probably hid from his wife!!!