Monday, June 8, 2009

Goodbye Dew Dews!!! (caution graphic description)

It's a bit of a sad day for us here at Scrapaddict's Scribbles home, our beloved moggy Dewey (13 1/2) has been getting thinner and thinner and we have been feeding her all hours of the day (DH has regularly been awoken by a scratching at the door) and night. Finally today, after putting it off for the past few weeks, I loaded Dewey into the van and we headed to the vets. They diagnosed a large tumour in her kidney and a node (is that right) on her thyriod which was causing hyper thyroidism, conditions that would both only get worse and already I knew her quality of life had been slipping, so she was gently put to sleep and bought home for the kids and other pets to see her and pet her.

Zak dug the grave in our graveyard and Neeky decided she wanted to hold Dewey one last time before she was put into the usual with our household it seems we do find the funniest things in the most awful - Dewey went to sleep at 1.30pm and her funeral service was at 4.30pm (I guess you can work it out). Neeky lifted Dewey from her bed and drew her close the way she always did (with Deweys limbs dangling and her back to Neeky's tummy), however the sight to behold made us all burst into laughter - Deweys legs were all sticking in haphazard fashion straight out in front of her and her head was positioned in no mans land with her eyes open (because I forgot to shut them), Neeky did not care and just cuddled that cat with her zombie legs for all she was worth, then she placed her into the ground and we all said our special thank yous to Dewey.

You may think Neekys cuddle is a horrible thing to share, but do you know what I love about it? (and why I wanted to share it), Neeky did not care how that cat looked, she didn't care how stiff she felt, she just wanted one last hold of her pet before she could touch her no more, and I think even Dewey with all her sticky out limbs would've loved her for that.

So goodbye my Dew Dews, I will missed your talking and the midnight scratches.


  1. Oh how sad, its bought tears to my eyes.

  2. Poor Dewey. She had a good longish life tho and now wont have to suffer.
    (You know the eyes wont stay we were told with Bruno).