Sunday, March 21, 2010

3 Lives Down!!!

Who would've thought this little cutie could get into so much trouble! We were watching American Idol Friday night (thats how we roll) when this odd scratching/not scratching thumping/not thumping noise started, I listened for a while and then wondered if it was Brandy having one of her fits (Yup, thats a whole other story), so decided to investigate. OMG, got to the bathroom door and there was Sookie fighting to keep her head above water in the bath The Wahs had run (not even very deep but deep enough for my Foldy baby)without telling us, but then abandoned. Because her legs are short and stumpy, as well she is chubby with a thick coat and completely sloth like, she would never have made it out on her own (and thats all I want to think about that). So I pulled her out - her heart was flying, she was soaked except the top of her head, and it took a good 10 minutes for her breathing to slow to normal, I dried her off and tried not to think how close she came to drowning. We have explained to the littlies that shes like a real baby (shes my baby) and so thats life number 3 (the other two were her disappearing act, and arrival by plane with crate cracked by heavy object)
Anyway, these pics are Sookie in her lounge chair...note the plush looking coat - a nice bath will do that for ya!!!

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