Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just Call Me...Martha Stewart!!!

I have become so domesticated lately that I am starting to scare myself...and the family. I have been baking the last few weeks, and when I sent food down to Zak at Uni, he phoned to let me know there was a student wanting to adopt me (for my baking skills).

Today, I have created caramel cookies (from my BF's recipe which is in such high demand that her wedding vowels included the vowel to her almost husband that she would always keep a supply of caramel cookies coming just for him) and for the first time I wasn't impatient (I hate waiting for things "TO COOL" and so my cookies always overspread - is that even a word???), my cookies are perfect - if I do say so myself.

I then whipped up a chocolate cake - from the recipe book DH bought me for my birthday that I refused to use for months because HE BOUGHT ME A RECIPE BOOK FOR MY BIRTHDAY (of course, I eventually had to swallow my pride and tell him it was a very good book, and "thank you dear").

I have also downloaded some digi images and am about to help Neeky create her first card for the Karens Doodles Kids Challenge Blog (I am chief cutter outter).

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