Saturday, March 13, 2010

Exercise IS Bad for Your Health!!!

Narny and I are on this keep fit gig (my version), so today we headed to the park to walk a few laps and bought fish and chips for tea on the way home (told you it was my version).

Anyway, we arrived home to Da Da Da Dum (that's a really scary drum roll sound) the gate open and my baby (Sookie the Scottish Fold) GONE!!!

We spent an hour searching then had luke warm fish and chips (mmmm my favourite - please note hint of sarcasm) whilst Grandma recited stories of people who stole cats like my lovely Sookie and even worst people who stole cats like my lovely Sookie and did mean things - yup thats right luke warm fish and chips and horror stories is the fastest way to ruin my appetite!!!

So Narny and I went out for a final hunt and guess whose fat and fluffy butt I spotted racing towards a hole under the house. Sookie heard me but couldn't see me and must've thought I was one of those bad people Grandma was telling us about. I called her and that chubby little kitten did a 360 (as fast as a chubby Scottish Fold can) and raced back so quickly I thought she would bowl me over.

So we are all a happy family again...with a house that now looks like Fort Knox.

1 comment:

  1. Trust you to get fish & chips while out for exercise! LOL! Poor Sookie really is a sookie.
    Oh & maybe Grandma should take up writing horror stories!