Friday, March 5, 2010

Tidbit 2 - Meet My Baby

Thats right, meet my new baby. This is Sookie (too much True Blood methinks), she is a Blue Scottish Fold and is 4 months old. I snapped the photo this morning as I couldn't put my hands on an earlier shot.
As with anything I do, Sookie's arrival was not standard. She flew to New Plymouth and I picked her up from the airport only to notice upon arrival home (and when she disappeared under the bed never to be seen again) that something had been dropped on her cage during the flight (hard enough to crack it) and that had given her major willies.
For the first week we could not go near her, make noises, move, even talking unsettled her (yup, I struggled with that one). We had to board up the base of our bed to stop her hiding all day and finally started giving her Rescue Remedy to calm her nerves (by that time I almost needed to start dosing myself as well). All that was six weeks ago and now she has really settled in, and is loved by everyone, she sleeps in our room (won't even get started on how I convinced hubby to let her do that), I bought her a lovely pink wrought iron bed, but she prefers to sleep on the floor beside me (heh, who wouldn't) or between hubby and I.

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