Friday, March 26, 2010

Over Exercising...It's Complicated!!!

Just got home from watching "It's Complicated" at the movies, absolutely LMAO movie...I will never be able to look my laptop in the eye again!

Tracy and I have started an exercise junket, and I have to say it's all a bit backward...

Wednesday it was raining so we walked laps at the park and got soaked, we took the kids and they had a blast racing around in the rain.

Thursday was a beautiful sunny day so Tracy decided we should go swimming in an indoors pool???
We arrived at the pool (must add here that neither of us can actually swim), in our highly fashionable swimsuits (not). We jumped in, Tracy fitted her goggles, looked at me and I pissed myself with laughter (almost drowning in the process) as she had somehow managed to put her goggles on upside down. Once I stopped laughing and could tell her, Tracy corrected the problem and started breath stroke (the one stroke she does well), I started walking (the one stroke I do well). We flutterboarded, walked, kicked on our backs and once more Tracy struggled with her goggles so I leant her mine, she looked at me and yet again I almost drowned (this time for real as I was halfway down the pool doing my odd stroke thingy heading towards the deep end) as she had my goggles on upside down!!! So we laughed, splashed, breath stroked and odd stroked for an hour and went home exhausted.

PS was so sore this morning, I made the kids walk to school as I couldn't drag my achey body out of bed - I knew exercise was bad for you.


  1. sore morning after exercise always feels so good.... keep it going...

    but really no tools for a challenge... wow... that's a tough one specially when all we have are tools in this industry.... love the challenge chickie!!!!

    Thanks for keeping an eye on us @ PIO.
    -- dalis
    PIO Owner

  2. I knew you couldnt resist!!! I felt great the next day.. must have a look for a bra thinhgy today to go under rash vest thingy!

  3. You selling tickets?!!! Do I bring popcorn to watch your antics?