Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tidbit 4 - Hectic with a Capital H!!!

Phew, last weekend it was all go (20th February) remember, I was to be bridesmaid for my best friend (because matron of honour sounded too old), well, all that took place last weekend, but it also coincided with Zak departing for Wellington and the start of Uni life, so this is how it went:
The bride and groom live in Wellington but got married in New Plymouth - Thursday they drove to New Plymouth to prepare for the wedding whilst DH and Zak drove to Wellington to settle in for Uni. Saturday they prepared to be married whilst DH flew to New Plymouth for the wedding, Sunday DH and I flew to Wellington to catch up with Zak and Monday drove back to Hawera!!!

The wedding was not without it's hiccups - none of them MY doing amazingly
1. Went to pick up suits but the jacket and pants were in different shades of black!!!
2. Went to pick up tablecloths but they had tables and chairs ready for us instead???
3. Rang to get the key for hall to be told another wedding was taking place and we couldn't set up until day of BF's wedding!!!
4. Due to strong winds, Sandstorm on beach so had to move venue to park, we circled the venue whilst guests were moved!
5. Sound system arrived, microphones had flat batteries!!!

The wedding itself was perfect (surprisingly...although nothing else could've gone wrong). Didn't think about it till after but didn't take a single photo!

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  1. At least things can now get back to normal.
    Hubby cutting off some peg board for you.