Monday, March 22, 2010

My Sister's Keeper

Yesterday, Tracy and I finally got time to sit down and watch My Sister's Keeper (which we thoroughly enjoyed), and I am proud to say that even though we had the tissues on hand (and an xtra large popcorn I picked up from the movies on my way to her place), we didn't need them (actually I did need the popcorn). We decided it was the environment in which we watched the movie which made the difference. Her lounge, with sun streaming in (making us feel guilty...almost, that we were inside) Cameron and her Nintendo squeaking away in one corner and Bailee very slowly removing her lolly wrappers, a fly that wouldn't leave us along and a break halfway through, meant we watched, but didn't seem to "get right into it". We decided its about atmosphere - dark movie theatre, no interruptions, totally focused on the screen does make a difference to how you interpret and feel a movie. Tracy could not believe how different the movie was to the book - which I haven't yet read.
Anyway, I brought the DVD home, and Narny decided to watch it (on her own, because I didn't really want to see it again so soon) she sat in the lounge, in the dark and came out blubbering like a baby totally incoherent and unable to tell me what made her so sad "it was, blub blub, oh just blub blub, that bit - wipe eyes, oh just the saddest movie ever - nose running, so sad blub blub so sad" finally me saying (once I stopped laughing at her blubbering) "go to bed you're blubbering all over the place."
So, I've decided in a few months I will watch it again (because even checking on Narny I saw bits I had missed), and I am going to the library tomorrow where I will become number 14 on the wait list for the book.

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