Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hello World, Here I Am!!! LONG STORY ALERT!!!

So, I started this blog about 6 weeks ago, as a place to share my odd adventures in life (and I seem to have a few) and to share my love of cardmaking and scrapbooking....oh and to talk without having to watch people's eyes glaze over (thats you DH) as I ramble on...and on...and on.
However, I did not share my blog with anyone (duh) because it kind of feels quite personal and I wanted to get used to this whole blogging lark.

Finally, yesterday I asked my good friend Viv to help me with a few blogging issues (big issues for me, small issues for most other people) like how to change my title to make it all pretty and why don't all my colours match.
Sooooo Viv nipped around yesterday (told hubby she would be half an hour) for a quick visit to get me sorted. Shame on Viv, she should know by now that anything involving me is never simple.
My first few problems were easy to solve like:
1. To get a pretty picture at the top of your blog - you need to have a pretty picture to put at the top of your blog (who knew!!!), so this week I am going to create a pretty picture!
2. To have matching colours on your blog - you need to CHOOSE matching colours on your blog colour chart (who knew!!! always wondered why I had a bright green title on my pink page!!!).

Now we get to the Public Warning: To be able to link your blog to other people's blogs - DON'T let Denise create your blog!!!

Thats right no matter what Viv did we could not get my blog to link to hers or anyone else's, Viv had no idea what I had done that was different...and me I just had no idea LOL. Two and a half hours later and Viv was still stumped...and me I still had no idea (mental note to self - this is why you do not tackle anything technical, hell I even need Zak to fix the TV when weird things happen).
So Viv went home where she could work in peace and finally got things sorted. What was wrong? Far as I can understand I was like two people (split personality, that sure explains a lot) when I had been leaving comments on blogs and I confused the blogger (that'd be right), so I think Viv made me into one person and now everyone is happy (and I will be too if I can work out which person I am LOL).


  1. Mmm imagine what I thought when Viv told me you had started a blog and I discovered your'd been blogging for a whole month without anyone knowing!!!!

  2. Split god there are two of you!!!!!! Does that mean everything will take twice as long? Hey, I kinda liked the lime green title.

  3. I know Tracey...who knew I could keep a secret, and Viv just imagine two of me heh heh heh!!!.