Saturday, March 14, 2009

Only Happens To Me!!!

As I go through my life, I am frequently struck by how often dumb and ridiculous thing happen to me...alot of the time without any help from me (that is how it seems to me anyway) in fact I could probably write a novel on my misfortunes if I thought that they would be of interest to anyone...and if I could touch type, because at the speed I type, I would be a Granny before I finished the book and by then I would've forgotten why I was writing it in the first place!!! So don't be surprised if throughout this blogging journey with me, we experience some weird happenings every so often (probably more often than every so often) because this is my life odd occurances and all.

So the kids have decided my lopsided and extremely slow hobble (yes, I can now hobble - yay me ... OMG thats definitely a sign of too much "Suite Life") is a great source of amusement (glad I still have some use) and they seem to believe that a broken foot is directly linked to ones ability to maintain any brain function. I am determined to dispel this myth by trying to look intelligent whilst hobbling on my crutches from room to room.
However, as it always seems to be with me, no matter how carefully I plan these things something goes wrong. I sat down last night to take my special shoe off my foot and there wedged between special shoe and cast was ........ toilet paper, I have no idea how long it had been there and was very surprised to see it - but worse - the kids witnessed my discovery and spent the next few minutes ROFL at ME!!!

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