Saturday, March 21, 2009

Speech Therapy Success (and blackmail)

Neeky and DH headed off on Thursday for the second Speech Therapy session. Had a good talking to Neeky before she left about how important it was that if she knew the word to say, also how important she attempt a word if she wasn't sure.
To make sure that she did behave I added a little teensy weensy bit of blackmail. It went like this "if you are really good at trying with the Speech Lady today, you know that Hannah Montana T Shirt, you spotted in my wardrobe? you can have it AND Daddy will take you to Mcdonalds on the way home".
Now I normally do not use blackmail and will never allow my kids to bribe me or be bribed by good behavior equals lolly rewards at the supermarkets, but this speech therapy is really important and once she settles in, I think she will be fine (or have a VERY large collection of Hannah Montana t shirts that she won't fit because of all the visits to Mcdonalds!!!). So for the next week DH and I will be doing our part and playing word games with her.

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