Saturday, March 28, 2009

Still Laughing!!!

This morning, for some reason, known only to herself, Neeky has been crawling around the house on her butt (you know legs in front and on the butt). Being the kind and caring mother that I am, I have completely ignored her...until that is she crawled into the lounge and interrupted my blog hopping session (first for the day LOL) so I asked her what the deal was with the butt crawling, she informed me that - in Neekly's words - "I hurt my collarbone right here (pointing at knee) and now I can't walk". She then turned and butt crawled back to her room.

Butt Crawl Update - 20 minutes later I cured the invalid - in my usual kind and caring way.
I informed The Wahs that she and Neeky would not be able to go swimming, because Neeky was unable to walk. The Wahs had a thirty second consultation with Neeky (who was butt sitting in the passage) who then bravely declared that the pain was now going and as long as she held the walls she could stand!!!

It's a true miracle LOL...

...and as I type this the Butt Crawling Queen is dancing around the kitchen telling DH to hurry up the pool is waiting.

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  1. Gee you're sympathetic! How would you like a hurt collarbone in your knee?