Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flower Garden

This is a retired SU stamp set called Flower Garden, used everything SU, simple but I like it.
Not alot happening tonight, but I have been experimenting with different colours, so will share another tomorrow.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hello World, Here I Am!!! LONG STORY ALERT!!!

So, I started this blog about 6 weeks ago, as a place to share my odd adventures in life (and I seem to have a few) and to share my love of cardmaking and scrapbooking....oh and to talk without having to watch people's eyes glaze over (thats you DH) as I ramble on...and on...and on.
However, I did not share my blog with anyone (duh) because it kind of feels quite personal and I wanted to get used to this whole blogging lark.

Finally, yesterday I asked my good friend Viv to help me with a few blogging issues (big issues for me, small issues for most other people) like how to change my title to make it all pretty and why don't all my colours match.
Sooooo Viv nipped around yesterday (told hubby she would be half an hour) for a quick visit to get me sorted. Shame on Viv, she should know by now that anything involving me is never simple.
My first few problems were easy to solve like:
1. To get a pretty picture at the top of your blog - you need to have a pretty picture to put at the top of your blog (who knew!!!), so this week I am going to create a pretty picture!
2. To have matching colours on your blog - you need to CHOOSE matching colours on your blog colour chart (who knew!!! always wondered why I had a bright green title on my pink page!!!).

Now we get to the Public Warning: To be able to link your blog to other people's blogs - DON'T let Denise create your blog!!!

Thats right no matter what Viv did we could not get my blog to link to hers or anyone else's, Viv had no idea what I had done that was different...and me I just had no idea LOL. Two and a half hours later and Viv was still stumped...and me I still had no idea (mental note to self - this is why you do not tackle anything technical, hell I even need Zak to fix the TV when weird things happen).
So Viv went home where she could work in peace and finally got things sorted. What was wrong? Far as I can understand I was like two people (split personality, that sure explains a lot) when I had been leaving comments on blogs and I confused the blogger (that'd be right), so I think Viv made me into one person and now everyone is happy (and I will be too if I can work out which person I am LOL).

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Still Laughing!!!

This morning, for some reason, known only to herself, Neeky has been crawling around the house on her butt (you know legs in front and on the butt). Being the kind and caring mother that I am, I have completely ignored her...until that is she crawled into the lounge and interrupted my blog hopping session (first for the day LOL) so I asked her what the deal was with the butt crawling, she informed me that - in Neekly's words - "I hurt my collarbone right here (pointing at knee) and now I can't walk". She then turned and butt crawled back to her room.

Butt Crawl Update - 20 minutes later I cured the invalid - in my usual kind and caring way.
I informed The Wahs that she and Neeky would not be able to go swimming, because Neeky was unable to walk. The Wahs had a thirty second consultation with Neeky (who was butt sitting in the passage) who then bravely declared that the pain was now going and as long as she held the walls she could stand!!!

It's a true miracle LOL...

...and as I type this the Butt Crawling Queen is dancing around the kitchen telling DH to hurry up the pool is waiting.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bath Bella

This was my other attempt for a earthy card today (yup, just wasn't gonna happen), quite pleased with this card, used SU colours, image coloured with SU inks and my favourite Crystal Effects, with a few Raindrops for water splashs.

Card reads: I don't suffer from insanity
inside reads: I LOVE every minute of it

Hmmmmmmmmm, thats sums up my life.

Not On Your Nellie

Here we go again!!! Gotta use these Sugar Nellie's, they look too lonely without a card around them!

This was my attempt at creating a rich, earthy card, I used SU Old Olive, Rose Red, So Saffron with a bit of Pretty in Pink and Tempting Turquiose. The result: not as earthy as I had hoped. Attempt two tomorrow (I will use blacks and browns LOL).

I Have The Best Child Ever!!!

Tonight I was trying to help Narny with tea (crutch in one hand, plates in the other), I haven't been carrying anything too hot or "spilly" because I have inherited the gene of "clumsiness". Anyway, I decided I was steady enough to carry the cooked chicken to the sink - THINK AGAIN I sort of stumbled, fumbled, flipped and next thing I know poor old Narny is dancing up a storm to the tune of ouch **** ouch ****, the hot chicken fat had sprayed onto her leg and run down it, burning her (duh) I looked down and my jeans leg had fat on it, too but with the cast inside I couldn't feel a thing!!!
Anyways, do you know what my most wonderful daughter said "it's ok Mum, I know you couldn't help it with your leg", my daughter who I just burnt with chicken fat is telling ME it's ok. Thats when you know why being a Mum is the most wonderful thing in the world.

PS We are having cold food for the next week LOL.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nellie Overload!!!

Isn't this the sweetest thing you have ever seen. This "Penpal" Nellie is coloured using all the Stampin Up 2008-2009 In Colours, card and flower is made with the same range of colours. Embellishment is not SU.

Super Sweet Nellie

Yet another stamp from Trace and Viv, these Sugar Nellie's are fantastic, I never thought colouring something so detailed would be me but I can't get enough.
Sorry about the reflection but that is stickles on her wings and the grass, also used my other
favourite Stampin Up Crystal Effects on the hat and basket flowers. Plain paper is Su and printed paper is random.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Speech Therapy Success (and blackmail)

Neeky and DH headed off on Thursday for the second Speech Therapy session. Had a good talking to Neeky before she left about how important it was that if she knew the word to say, also how important she attempt a word if she wasn't sure.
To make sure that she did behave I added a little teensy weensy bit of blackmail. It went like this "if you are really good at trying with the Speech Lady today, you know that Hannah Montana T Shirt, you spotted in my wardrobe? you can have it AND Daddy will take you to Mcdonalds on the way home".
Now I normally do not use blackmail and will never allow my kids to bribe me or be bribed by good behavior equals lolly rewards at the supermarkets, but this speech therapy is really important and once she settles in, I think she will be fine (or have a VERY large collection of Hannah Montana t shirts that she won't fit because of all the visits to Mcdonalds!!!). So for the next week DH and I will be doing our part and playing word games with her.

Little Bit of Bella

This card is cute (according to me and my unbiased opinion, of course LOL) - Bella image and card made using SU cardstock and some Creative memories Printed Paper, few stickles and SU Crystal Effects on dress, some SU buttons and SU Ribbon and its looking good. Narny loves this card and keeps touching's gonna be looking old before I get the chance to give it to someone at this rate. Sorry about that shine off the Crysal Effects, I definitely ain't no photographer.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I Give Up

Ok, just wanted to let you all know I officially gave up on trying to get the Voila post to sit right. This computer has Gremlins, and every time I lined it all up perfect they would come along and move of my photos even disappeared and I didn't have the energy to try and find where it went. I have been here for over an hour trying to work it out, I have a giant sized headache and had to munch my way through half a bag of marshmellows and a handful of crispy chocolate easter eggs (thanks for that addiction Tracy) just to keep my strength up.


This is my all time favorite set from the 2008-2009 Stampin Up catalogue. I started stamping almost a year ago and when I saw this set I "HAD TO HAVE IT". Of course, this was also my delusional state when I told hubby "I would only need about 10 stamp sets and a black ink with a few markers" YEAH RIGHT!!!
Anyway I created this little guy last year and decided he and the others need a bit of "blinging" up as they looked a bit flat.
Just added Stickles and Crystal Effects to his cake, plate and scarf and it does make a difference.

Random printed paper and brads, but everything else SU. Again used my favorite Stickles on necktie and SU Crystal Effects on cake and pants.

Had I the ability to think more than 5 minutes ahead I would've taken before photos ...but that would've meant planning ahead and I am not that organised!!!

Neekyism about Being Good

DH has been doing the grocery shopping due to my stunning lack of mobility, and was telling the two littlies that only one could go with him as they fight, argue, disagree, blame and generally drive DH mad. Now the littlies love to go, because they have DH wrapped around their fingers, and generally come home with a treat. The Wahs, it was decided went last time, so this time was Neeky's turn. However, The Wah's (not one to give up without a fight) sweet talked DH, telling him how helpful, quiet, well behaved and unargumentative she would be if he would take her too.

The Neekyism - Neeky turned to The Wahs and said "it doesn't matter how good you are going to be. Dad won't see it because you aren't going".

Soooo true, you can't see someones behavior if they're not there with you!!!

Why Can't I Sleep!!!

It's really late and yet again I cannot sleep. No matter what I try, I cannot seem to settle, this has been going on for weeks. Here I am still on the couch (poor DH has probably forgotten what I look like), sooo tired, I have tried milo's (hot chocolate for you non kiwi's), staying up late, going to bed/couch early, watching tv, not watching tv, reading, not reading...

I think my cast has turned me into an insomniac! It comes off two weeks today - actually that's yesterday, because it's today already, and I still haven't gone to bed/couch yet from my today (your yesterday). Soooo, maybe after "The Removal" I will be able to sleep like a normal person again, alright maybe not like a normal person, but like me, with all the enjoyable tossing and turning (yes, I am one of THOSE sleepers - many can vouch for that), duvet stealing, pillow fluffing, earplugs in (DH snores) foot out bottom of bed, sleeptimes that I love.

Oooohhh TV 1 has a good show starting, can't miss that.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sugar Nellie Marathon

Viv and Tracy very kindly stamped off some of their latest haul of Sugar Nellie stamps so I could have a play, and I have played and played and played, I LOVE these stamps, they are adorable. Here is my first attempt Sugar Nellie Summer Ice Cream"and I will add more as I finish them (I have been Ebaying and have a stash of embellishments coming to finish the others off nicely). Have I told you yet how much I love Ebay and Broadband (DH also loves broadband because it means he can reach me at home again).

I have used Stampin up 2008 in colours and even dyed my flowers to match (way too much free time).

MereMere Track Pics ...Yay!!!

Finally after 4 weeks, I have managed to get these photos loaded for you to see, probably not the best photography in the world but I just love the way it looks and how quiet it is out there. The water is a part of the Patea Dam.


Wow, I think I just invented a new word, today is my four week "castiversary" and to celebrate four weeks of my lovely blue cast and hobbling everywhere I thought I would lay on the couch and watch a movie (not sure what yet), this differs from my usual routine in that normally I do not watch a movie until early evening LOL .

Grandma bought me some ultra trendy (not) socks to keep my toes warm so if I can convince the kids to take a photo I will post it (along with all the other photos I will be posting when I learn how).

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Only Happens To Me!!!

As I go through my life, I am frequently struck by how often dumb and ridiculous thing happen to me...alot of the time without any help from me (that is how it seems to me anyway) in fact I could probably write a novel on my misfortunes if I thought that they would be of interest to anyone...and if I could touch type, because at the speed I type, I would be a Granny before I finished the book and by then I would've forgotten why I was writing it in the first place!!! So don't be surprised if throughout this blogging journey with me, we experience some weird happenings every so often (probably more often than every so often) because this is my life odd occurances and all.

So the kids have decided my lopsided and extremely slow hobble (yes, I can now hobble - yay me ... OMG thats definitely a sign of too much "Suite Life") is a great source of amusement (glad I still have some use) and they seem to believe that a broken foot is directly linked to ones ability to maintain any brain function. I am determined to dispel this myth by trying to look intelligent whilst hobbling on my crutches from room to room.
However, as it always seems to be with me, no matter how carefully I plan these things something goes wrong. I sat down last night to take my special shoe off my foot and there wedged between special shoe and cast was ........ toilet paper, I have no idea how long it had been there and was very surprised to see it - but worse - the kids witnessed my discovery and spent the next few minutes ROFL at ME!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Neekyism about Death

So poor old Cookie is on her way to mouse heaven, where food lies in abundance on the ground, there are mouse wheels everywhere you turn and cats and mouse traps do not exist.

What upset Neeky you may ask. During the screaming, I told Neeky that I had chosen her box because it was the most beautifulest one ever and Cookie would look so good in it. Her response:

"No ones gonna see it, it's gonna be covered in dirt"

Some things a mother just doesn't have an answer for which is where the 5 bucks came in (it got to that amount due to a bidding war between me and a screaming child with great logic).

Life Ohhhhh Life...

The kids have had a bereavement this morning...Cookie our little black and white fluffy mouse has died at the grand age of two years. Neeky didn't want to believe it and carefully stuck a pellet in her paws before heading off to school, the Wahs announced that Cookie was "just sleeping this morning". So while they were gone I prepared the "coffin" which as I am a avid scrapbooker and a trying really hard cardmaker was a little box that had been made awhile go (there is a whole story about the box which you can read about in my latest Neekyism). I conned Zak into digging the hole and waited until the girls got home. Neeky and the Wahs arrived home, I told them the news and Neeky screamed and screamed - poor child so upset you may be forgiven for thinking WRONG!!! Turns out the box I carefully placed Cookie into was one that she had made and she wanted it back, cost me $5 to buy it off her so the burial could go ahead.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I suppose you are wondering what a Neekyism is - Neeky Miss 7, has a great sense of fairness and righteousness and unjustness, which makes her a mission to live with at times, but she also has great awe inspring words of wisdom come out of her mouth, so as I remember them I have decided to blog them. This first Neekism came from Neeky last year.
The Wahs is supposed to go to Neeky's class after school to pick her up, and this day Neeky wasn't there, when The Wahs caught sight of her on the playground she called and called but Neeky did not respond, so The Wahs marched over and growled at her from not hearing her name called out even though she had shouted it loudly. The Neekyism: Grabbing hold of her ears Neeky replied "Are these ears on your head? no, they are on mine so you don't know what these ears can hear". Can't argue with that!!!

AWOL...I wish

Wow, It's been awhile, I would love to say that life has been so busy that I haven't had the time to blog, but alas that is not the case. Here I am, still in a cast to the knee, still sleeping on the couch and I think just starting to go a wee bit mad (actually thats not true as I was probably a wee bit mad before I broke the foot so I must be going a wee bit madder - I don't even know that thats a real word).
Have been doing some serious googling this past week, its amazing the stuff you discover when you have 15 hours a day to sit/lay and do nothing. I have decided that I need to invest in nestabilities to go in my little green bug (thats cuttlebug to you non believers) there is a huge range of shapes that I love and have to have (of course), so I have ordered a set from the US in ovals because I think I would use them the most. Will upload some pictures of my works of art when they arrive and I create into a frenzy.