Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Story Not About Me!!!

5.15am this morning DH, Zak, Grandad (my Dad), and Uncy Steven went fishing - sounds normal you may think; but you are forgetting, this is my family and nothing is ever "normal". Zak and DH climbed into the boat and Grandad backed it into the river, Uncy Steven (suffering just a tad after the night before) held the boats rope whilst Grandad gently rocked it off...uh, that was the plan, but Grandad breaked a teeny bit too hard...the boat shot off the tailer, Uncy Steven let go of the rope and DH and Zak drifted into the river. I would like to point out here that DH gets motion sickness so rarely goes on the boat (I am not sure how he managed to sleep in the waterbed for sooo long) and Zak has never been on a boat before.
Uncy Steven yelled "grab the oars", DH yelled "there aren't any" and after that, all conversation was lost as they drifted gently away into the wild blue yonder.
Grandad arrived back after parking and looked left (no boat) looked right (no boat), straight ahead (no boat) he then spotted Uncy Steven having a piss all fit of laughter (because that is what my family do in any serious situation LAUGH) and between fits Uncy Steven told Grandad what had happened and pointed way out where DH and Zak waved and drifted.
Grandad asked another boat if they would take him out to his boat as DH and Zak are boating virgins and couldn't work out how to put the motor in the water, let alone get things started.
He (at 69years) leaped onto the front of their boat and held on as they took him out, then leaped from their boat onto his boat and gained control, turned the boat back to shore and picked up Uncy Steven who was by now crying (with laughter) after watching his aged father perform water aerobatics to save the day.
They headed out to sea, where they did not fair so well with the fish, and Uncy Steven managed to snag his entire line around the propeller and refused to let it be cut (because it was his most favorite lure) until he had spent 20 minutes trying to untangle it!!!. Grandad reached into his pocket for his hanky and came up with a handful of sunscreen because the lid had fallen off in his pocket and couldn't grip anything (Uncy Steven doubled up with laughter yet again).
The fishermen headed back to shore where (not surprisingly considering the day they were having) they proceeded to run out of petrol just before the boat ramp!!!

So they ended the day the way they drifting in to the boat ramp!!! With Uncy Steven pissing himself in a fit of laughter!!!

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