Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Zak

Age 1 day, you were born on a Monday, weighed 9lb5oz and came out with a conehead and a frown (the conehead has gone but we still get to see that fierce frown of yours). Grandma thought you were like a little old man with that frown. We had so many dreams and plans for you, and you have lived up to them, made them your own, and created many more for yourself.

Oh boy, it makes me teary eyed writing this, and I DO NOT get teary eyed over things!!!

So happy 18th, my one and only son.

From your extremely proud Mum. Oh damn, wheres the tissues!

Age 5, I was so worried that calf would get up and crush you, but you were so proud it didn't move and let you sit so close, this was your first big school trip out and you loved it.

Age 10, and the bleached fringe was in. What a mission to just ge that part bleached and nothing else on the head.

Age 18. You have grown so tall (6ft) and I am not sure where you got that from, certainly not Dad or me, I am very proud of how resonsible you have become and also the way you tolerate and help your younger sisters, I know it can't be easy at times.

I remember last year when we dropped you at the bus to go to Wellington, Neeky leaning out the window yelling "goodbye, my Zak, you are my hero". I think everyone boarding the bus heard, but you...which was lucky because you would've probably cheerfully strangled her for embarrassing you.

Well, my boy, what can I say about the hair,so much like mine when I was younger...actually mine never got this big.

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  1. You sentimental thing , you! If you had hair that big you would've scared the living daylights out of everyone...just like Zak scares me every time I see him! I think I'm back in the 70's and hanging out at a disco!