Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Have Issues!!! Is it Groundhog Day?

Ok, not me personally...well, not anymore issues than I normally have - which in actual fact is probably a few more issues than other normal people have.

My computer has an issue and it is driving me mad. The other day it updated itself and all of a sudden I couldn't paste anything because apparently "it was too big" (lots of attitude and sarcasm in that comment), so I cut it down to a couple of words and "still too big". Then I tried to paste into Windows Mail and that shuts the whole mail system down. It reset my homepage and added another homepage on top of that.

So I went to system restart yesterday and restarted my computer back 5 days before the glitch. Ha ha I thought, you little sucker, I have beaten you. And all day yesterday I could paste and use my Windows Mail to my little hearts content...and they all lived happily ever after:)

Yeah, life ain't no fairytale, so deal with it. This morning turned on my stupid machine and it had re updated itself with this same whatever thingy that it updated itself with the other day, and yes like Groundhog Day I couldn't paste because "it was too big" and I couldn't paste in windows - because it shut the system down. And my homepage was gone again and the other stupid homepage was back.

Now, to completely destroy my life and make me insane, it will not let me upload anything on my blog, I always knew this machine and I were not destined to be best friends but to interfere with someones blog when they have photos to post....that is just taking it a little bit toooo far in my books. I may decide to restart my computer again tomorrow or may just wait until I visit a friend in three weeks and get it sorted then. Until then I will keep storing my creations to share.


  1. Arrrggghhhhhhhh do what I do Denise, swear and kick it! Okay so it doesn't help, but you might feel better lol!

  2. Thought you'd been quiet! I'll come around and kick it for you if you like....don't want you breaking another foor!