Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to Wellington I go...Oh my singing is so in tune (in my head, anyway). Heading to Wellington this afternoon as I am going to be a bridesmaid!
When I was young, all I ever wanted was to be the Matron of Honour, as it seemed to be a more important position than just being a Bridesmaid. Now, however, that I am eh "young" I have decided I want to be known as the bridesmaid, because Matron of Honour seems OLD!!! So anyways, I am going down to Wellington with the DH for the engagement party, leaving today why???

....Because...the shops are open tomorrow and I will need an early start with my crutches. Anyone who knows me well, will know my two most favorite things are chocolate and shopping - or is it shopping and chocolate hmmm.
I tell ya, if I could, I would shop with chocolate in my other hand. But I still have my extended pointy arms. Yes, I have gotten into the habit of using my crutches to point at things I want - was buying flowers for Mum and up came the crutch to point at the bunch I wanted - lady wondered WTF I am sure. I can't help it, it just happens.

My idea of heaven, along with endless money in the bank and a size 10 oh lets not be greedy size 12 figure - would be to combine shopping whilst eating all the chocolate I want without altering my figure. Oh and the odd trip to McDonalds for sustenance.

So we are going to check out some crafty shops, whilst we are down there and then party on Saturday night -me on coke, because I don't want to risk twisting my foot which I am bound to do if I have anything stronger.


  1. When you say coke I hope you mean brown fizzy stuff. Imagine you on COKE!
    Try not to spend ALL your money, we'll be ordering soon, yipee!

  2. OMG you are such a twit... Im glad I know you otherwise I would be avoiding you like the plage after reading your blog!

  3. Ah, you guys, I am sooooo feeling the love LOL.