Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Have Created a Monster!!!

Today the littlies went out to play at their friends house - thank you, thank you, thank you other people who put up with my children for the day.

Anyways DH thought if we could get rid of Narny, we could have a romantic day for two (yeah, right! Doesn't he know I have new copics with my name on them).
Unfortunately even with the areoplane flying a "take Narny Now" banner across the sky, we got no offers, so resigned ourselves to the fact, that she was here to stay and play with us.

So DH went out to chop some wood (man speak for play???) and Narny and I sat down to test out the Copics (woman speak for stressful colour testing situation???). I had told Narny that she couldn't touch my copics (even to move them out of her way) because they are so valuable and they are MINE. But taking pity on the poor child I said she could colour with them...BIG MISTAKE!!!
She has coloured about 3 images and apparently my colours are not sufficient and I should have more...probably the whole lot in fact if we want to colour properly. I have nothing for shading and not enough colours to match what she wants to do, also Narny has decided she needs to buy herself a colourless blender. And wonders why don't I have more of the softer light colours that are available and suit her style better. Tomorrow, we have to practice our shading (it is becoming more like work and less like a hobby) because our images don't look as they should...according to Narny!!!


  1. Nothing like having a mind of your own lol!

  2. Oh oh all I can say is welcome to the addiction - Copics are like potato chips, you sit to have one and end up wanting 100 haha.

    Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog, I am so glad to help (enable? LOL)

    I am in the middle of writing a Copic tutorial but it may be a while I am so slow...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Ha ha! The girl knows what she is talking about! You NEED MORE!