Friday, April 17, 2009

Remember ME!!! And Its Officially Hereditary!!!

I am the middle child and suffer from the affliction middle children around the world suffer from - FORGOTTENISM, thats right, when I was little I was never big enough to be responsible, however, when my little brother did things wrong, I was always big enough to be responsible!!! Is it no wonder I suffer from multiple personalities and identity crisies.

When I started High School my mother filled out all the forms with my wrong birth month...she knew she had had me just couldn't remember when. I tried to tell the teacher I was born a month earlier, but he thought I was just pulling his leg. Why? because he had the paperwork from my Mother (obviously a reliable source) stating my "correct" date of birth. I had to get a friend to speak up for me, so that he would ring Mum and double check my DOB!!!

Today Grandma (my Mum) came down to work on Uncy Steven's (little brother) album, she has decided that he can't complete it, so she will do it for him (hmm, is that youngest child syndrome).

I took a look at the photos - Us on the boat after Dad finished building it - Steven smiling (me with half a face and one leg at the back)!!!Us getting ready to go boating - Steven smiling (me with half the boat thru my head)!!! Us at Marineland - Steven looking at the camera (back of my head)!!! Us up the mountain - Steven on the sled (me straining to drag him up the hill)!!! Us up the mountain - Steven wrapped up in a jacket and hat (me hatless and wearing SHORTS, yes SHORTS who goes up the mountain to play in the snow wearing SHORTS)!!!!!!!! I can't bear to look any further - we are only 6 pages into the album and if all this has happened in 6 pages, what are the rest of my younger years looking like....

Narny is helping Grandma to scrapbook and they are doing a good job on a very basic level between them. They were finishing a page when I arrived home tonight so I decided to help (after telling them to add a dolphin to the Marineland page before I went out and coming home to find a 2cm squared sticker of a goldfish in a bowl sitting pride of place smack bang in the centre of their page - I said a "dolphin" not "Finding Nemo", I thought they needed my help) and stamped off a couple of octapus images, asked Grandma if she could glue (she said yes, Narny lets her) so gave her the image and mat to attach together, and kept stamping. Next thing a little voice says "how does this glue work?" I looked up and replied "take the lid off". Grandma started laughing so much she stuck her image onto the mat crooked (she was shaking so hard with laughter) which made her laugh all the harder when she saw what she had done. But it was ok, as it matched all the other crooked things the two of them had stuck on the page.

So its official, all the dumb things that happen to me AREN"T MY FAULT and laughing is the best medicine.


  1. LOL...Poor you eh! Hey Denise, at least there are photos of you, as the last in the line they'd long since given up pulling out the camera for anything I bothered to do (ya know like crawling or taking my first steps...roflmao)

  2. It's ok Trace...I could share some of mine with you...with a boat through the head no one would know it wasn't you LOL.

  3. I'm the youngest AND most photographed in our family as Dad got very arty and joined the photography club when I was born! Would you like some of mine?
    Isn't a dolphin like a goldfish? They both live in water right? There's no use delegating, you HAVE to do these things yourself!!!