Friday, April 24, 2009

Funny Thing That Happened But Funny Only to Me!!!

The littlies have returned from their visit to the farm and the house is quiet no more. Grandma and Grandad on the Farm (called this to distinguish them from Grandma and Grandad Down the Street - my parents) took them to Stony Oaks Wildlife Park (they seem to go there just about every visit) and then for a first took them to Macdonalds for Lunch (not big fast food believers DH's olds) and home again. At supper Neeky announced that her tummy hurt and could she have a bowl, Grandma and Grandad didn't believe her when she said she wanted to throw up so didn't give her one...BIG MISTAKE Neeky filled the table and according to Tahlia got chicken on her muffin (which she was eating at the time) thats chicken from her Chicken Tenders LOL. Grandma and Grandad have decided it had to be the Macdonalds and will not be taking them there again!!!

Me, I just tried not to laugh, when they were telling me about the table up chuck incident while dropping the girls back - lesson learned - you should never ignore a child, when they tell you to get a bowl because they need to throw up!!!

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  1. EEEK! Give me a dog any day, they usually clean up after themselves! LOL!!!!