Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am Model and Can Talk!!!

Just finished my first week back at work (for me a week is three days LOL), talk about more eating when I want, no more daytime soaps, no more blogging for hours on end, no more pj's till 10, no more Macdonalds lunches for one, no more FREEDOM!!!

I survived and have a chair (which I desperately need) so can rest during the day, makes doing the returns a bit odd (being low down and having the till hit me in the gut), but hopefully in a couple of weeks I will be like but with a broken part...I will be like secondhand new!!!

Been going to physio and have found someone in this life who can talk more than me without taking a breath (who knew), Mr Physio and I can yabber for twenty minutes non stop and he can hold his own against me...sometimes he actually out talks me!

This week at physio I had to practice walking straight (I turn my foot in at the moment). It was a tad embarrassing that at 9.40am I could not take two steps without wobbling, Mr Physio wanted one of whatever I had for breakfast and I myself was beginning to wonder what was actually in the orange juice that I had for breakfast. Had Mr Physio been a cop, I am sure I would've been promptly arrested!

Anyways, Mr Physio showed me how a model walks, and that is what I had to practice because then my foot would sit right, I made over 20 laps of his office whilst he explained to me why it is men do what they think you want them to do rather than what you actually want them to do (I swear it was like talking to DH because he does that all the time). He also explained that a man will give flowers to avoid the horrible after effects of an arguement, wealth of information is Mr Physio...but he's yet to tell me anything I didn't already know, LOL.

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  1. Mr Physio can come out with some real gems, like the time when as a kid he dropped a lit match into a can of petrol and lost his eyebrows & fringe....Hmmmm....Don't know that I'd admit that myself! When I'm lying under a heat pack he talks and talks and then says, " You asleep yet?" Yeah right!