Saturday, April 25, 2009

Neekyism About Shopkeepers!!!

When I started cardmking the kids wanted to join in and had no regard or understanding for the cost of what they were using. Soooooo, me being the kind and caring Mum that I am decided they would have to PAY for all their own cardstock (except for scrappy bits because that would be just plain mean) and it has actually made them appreciate the value of what they are using. It is actually so cute to see them debate over a change in colour or whether they should go get 30 cents to buy some paper. Neeky (being Neeky) even made me write an IOU when she purchased two sheets of paper and I failed to have the desired colours on hand (and yes, she made sure she collected on that IOU - ain't no flies on her).

Last week when I was having a little spending spree (for the day), I purchased extra flowers...why you may ask, I caught the littlies creating cards with some of my best flowers and cutest brads a few days earlier (they do have good taste) and needless to say I made them undo and remove everything they had stuck on which wasn't theirs.

So the extra flowers arrived and Narny and I decided to set up a "shop" on the kitchen table so the littlies could come and choose some flowers to use on their cards. Neeky decided she wanted to be a shopkeeper too, and I told her she couldn't be because then only Tahlia would be coming to the shop and plus you can't be a shopkeeper and a shopper.

The Neekyism - "you work at The Warehouse, Mum, and you buy things while you are working". Can't disagree with that!!!

What happened - we all became shopkeepers and during our "breaks" purchased from the flower shop!

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  1. Bugger,,,, and I still didnt see the new stash of flowers while I was drooling over copics