Sunday, April 12, 2009

To Train or Not to Train!!!

Hello World and a special welcome to my favourite jeans with expanding waistline, whew, do I have a chocolate stash or what - I only got one yucky egg but I swapped it with DH before he noticed (I am a Cadbury girl) so all is perfect in Denise's world of chocolate. I figure with minor rationing to have about 3 months supply of my all time favourite Crispy Coated Mini Eggs (hints do work, oh, and buying extra yourself in case people can't take a hint).

I survived Wellington (Wellington, however, is still recovering).

You will not believe this, but I went to Wellington with a list of all the shops I would visit on Saturday (that, of course is the believable part) but I just couldn't do it!!!
I visited Gordon Harris Art Shop OMG, a craft shop, Super Cheap (bought Grandma a car stereo for minding me), then went to The Warehouse, got to the door and I just couldn't walk anymore, so wheel chaired around The Warehouse, and told the boys I just couldn't go anywhere else - that was the bad part, I was chaperoned by DH and Mr Brown - how is a girl supposed to spend money with males hanging off her shoulders saying "whats that?", "do you need that?", and the all time favourite "are you finished yet?", they knew everything I bought because, duh, with the crutches they had to carry it all for me. Anyway, after they picked up their jaws and blinked a few times, I told them to take me to the train station, so I could go home and they could go to the Hot Rod Showy thingy that I thought they would enjoy.

I have trained from Wellington once and figured I could take one for the Team and do it by myself.
They let me off at the station and I hobbled in, bought a ticket like I was told and tried to remember the stop before mine that I was told to remember (so much to remember so little memory). Then I read the sign that said trains are not running, you will be bused!!! Bused, bused, I can't get home on a bus, where do I get off - hang on, which bus do I get on???? Boys, boys, come back and get me!!!.

Whats a girl to do - I got brave and made it to the buses, asked and found my bus, hobbled up the steps, and it was standing room only (what a surprise), a nice man gave me his seat and I made friends with the lady next to me, so she wouldn't let me get left on the bus (I am sooo strategic). So I sat on the bus cackling quietly to myself, because this is what happens to me all the time, I have plans then bada bing bada boom, the whole Wellington train system shuts down!!! I didn't dare ring my ride and tell her I was on a bus, in case I mucked up (likely possibility) and did not end up in Porirua where I was meant to be.
But I did it, made it to Tawa (almost got up when they said people going North get off here, but nice lady told me it wasn't me yet - see strategy), she walked slowly with me to the train (I only have one speed) and told me this was the train to get me to Porirua (was glad about was the only train at the station), then guess what, I saw the station Mr Brown told me to remember and I knew my stop was next, so I did it, I did it!!!
The engagement party was great, stuck to my cokes (no good tempting fate), got up this morning and came home. Next stop designing and making the wedding invitations.


  1. OMG it could only happen to you! You gave up shopping to be stranded in a bus!!